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The Teddington River Festival and Teddington Lifeboat Station Open Day is a family fun day enjoyed by thousands of visitors with a variety of activities across the river including live music, boat rides, river rescue demonstrations, skiffing, rowing and kayaking taster sessions, craft & community stalls, fairground rides and inflatables and so much more.

With the theme ‘Leisure and pleasure on the Thames’, the 2014 festival provided an ideal platform for the, Teddington Lifeboat Station and RNLI Fundraisers, the River Thames Boat Project and its specially adapted Dutch barge ‘Thames Venturer’, the Twickenham Sea Cadets and many other charitable organisations to recruit new members, raise awareness and funds for their cause. More than £6,000 was raised throughout the day for all the charities and not for profit organisations involved. Watch the highlights of the festival via our short video taken throughout the day.

Festival Dragon

We are also very grateful to all the individuals and organisations who support the event through sponsorship and benefit in kind.

The festival simply cannot take place without this level of support. Visit our sponsors page to find out who supported the event this year.


Get Involved

The Teddington River Festival is a charitable community event raising the profile of the River Thames and those who use and serve the river as well as Teddington and its community.


The Teddington River Festival is grateful to the support of community and local sponsors to enable this event to take place. It is not possible to hold this event without this support.

Book a Stand

Craft & community stands are available in the Manor Road Recreation Ground and on the Ham Tow Path at £50 for a 3mx3m pitch. There is a minimum of 4 stands of any one kind, for example, jewellery and only 2 stands.

Donate a Prize

The Teddington River Festival Prize Draw raises funds for the chosen festival charities, which this year include:

  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
  • River Thames Boat Project
  • Sea Cadets Twickenham

Provide an Activity

The success of the Teddington River Festival is measured by the enjoyment received by visitors throughout the day. We are always looking for events and activities that add value and enjoyment to the day. If you would like to add to the fun.


We are currently looking for support sponsors. Support sponsors will benefit from branding on the day, an advertisement in the official programme that will be distributed before and during the festival as well as optional stand space on the day.


How to Install Vinyl Tile Flooring


The process of installing vinyl tiles starts by removing any existing carpet or linoleum from the area where you plan to install them. You should also make sure that there are no obstacles such as walls, doors, windows, outlets and switches before proceeding with laying out your new flooring material.

Installing Vinyl Tile Flooring

Installing vinyl tile flooring is a relatively easy process. Make sure you have all the tools you will need, or linoleum and then apply a layer of adhesive. It is important to allow the adhesive to dry before proceeding to lay out the tiles, this usually takes about two hours.

How to Prepare the Surface for Installation?

Your new floor should be prepared for installation by removing any existing carpet or linoleum, then applying a layer of adhesive, and allowing it to dry before proceeding to lay out the tiles. It is important to leave yourself plenty of room for cutting around walls, doors, windows, outlets and switches!

How to Locate the Flooring?

Finding the center of your room is where you will begin laying out your new floor. You can do this by measuring diagonally across the room, marking these two points with chalk, and drawing a straight line between them. Another method involves using string or mason’s line to create a straight edge across the room.

How to Lay Out the Tiles?

Mark your perimeter by placing one full tile at each corner of the room, ensuring that it is flush with the walls. The next step is to place another row of tiles along both walls, leaving gaps for any obstacles like doorways or windows. At this point, your pattern should resemble the checkerboard you see in dollhouses! Now it is time for your first row of tiles, which will run perpendicular to both walls. Again these should line up with the side edges of the existing tiles.

How Many Tiles you’ll need Per Room?

The number of tiles required per room depends on the size and layout. Smaller, square rooms will need fewer tiles than larger, rectangular ones because there is less space to cover. The number of tiles required also increases for rooms that have a lot of angles or curves. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the length and width of your room, then divide by nine. This number should be close to how many tiles you will need to complete your installation.


If you are looking for a new flooring, vinyl tile is an affordable option that can be installed relatively quickly. This blog post covered the process of installing vinyl tile to help make your decision easier. We are always happy to help our customers with anything they need when it comes to their home improvement projects. If you have any questions about the vinyl tile flooring installation process or would like some advice on what type of flooring might work best for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us https://www.erniesfloors.com/.

Identifying and Fixing Plumbing Leaks


It’s difficult to know where the leak is coming from without extensive plumbing knowledge. In addition, plumbing leaks are often embarrassing, and the more you procrastinate with fixing it, the bigger the mess will be. To avoid this, you should try to find out where the leak might be coming from.

Identify Where the Leak Is Coming From

There are a couple of ways you can go about identifying where the leak is coming from. One option is to check for wet spots or water dripping from pipes. Of course, you’ll need to turn off your water before starting service and repair so that you don’t make matters worse!

The other option is to take measurements in your home. On average, you should be checking that the distance between the floor and the sink in your kitchen is around 18 inches, providing room for water in case of a leak. Your shower in your bathroom should have an average distance of 13 inches from the floor to the top of the showerhead, providing enough room for water when it’s turned on.

Shut Off All Your Water and Drain Pipes

Before fixing the leak, make sure you turn off all of your water and drain your pipes. This will have two benefits: it will stop water from dripping out of a leak if you can’t find it and prevent further damage from happening while you work. For example, if you have a dishwasher, turn off the water at the connection under your sink. Then open up the hose to drain any remaining water out of it. Your laundry machine should have a shut-off valve as well. This will be located where your house’s main water line enters the home.

Check Each Connection for Leaks

If you find a leak, you’ll need to replace the coupling and tighten it down with some new pipe sealant. You can also try adding a few drops of food colouring in your water supply lines to see where the leak is coming from. If the water supply is to your dishwasher, run it through a complete cycle and watch for coloured water to seep out along the connections.

Fix the Leak after Finding It

If you find that your leak is coming from around the taps, find the specific tap that is leaking and remove it. If you’re not sure which tap is leaking, try tightening all of them by hand to see if any of them stop the water flow. Once you’ve found the culprit, unscrew it with a screwdriver or wrench. Fix it by replacing it with a new one if needed and tighten to seal the leak.

Turn On Water to Check for Leaks

After fixing the leak, test your pipes by turning your water on to see if it starts leaking from a pipe, if there are any leaks, tighten or replace the nut or bolt holding the problem piece of the pipe to the sink. It may be that you need a new gasket for where the pipe meets the sink. Repeat the process if any leaks remain.


If you have a plumbing leak, it’s important to identify the source of the leak right away. We hope that this article has been helpful to you in identifying and fixing plumbing leaks. Fixing leaking pipes is not typically an easy task so if your home or business has leaks in its plumbing system, contact our team at The kingwood plumbing company today!

What is Metal Fabrication and Welding

What is Metal Fabrication and Welding

Metal fabrication is the process of assembling raw materials into a finished product. Welding is one method of metal fabrication that joins two pieces of metal together by melting the surfaces together.

Metal fabricators can use welding to join different types of metals or they may cut, bend, and assemble sheets into products like tanks or structural components for buildings.

Types of metals fabrication

Types of metals fabrication

There are many types of metals fabrication. Steel fabrication is a form of metal fabrication where steel is cut, forged, rolled, and extruded into the shapes desired for finished products. Aluminum, stainless steel, and copper can also be fabricated using a variety of techniques. Structural steel fabrication is a form of steel fabrication near me that deals with heavy plate, angles, beams, and bars used to build large structures.

The best way to weld

Good welding is done by making quality welds that can be repeated in the same spot, time after time. It also requires proper preparation of the metal before welding begins. The surface of the metal must be cleaned completely and free from all dirt, oil, rust, paint or other contaminants to ensure a good weld. In addition, the welding equipment must be in good working order and should not generate sparks or excessive smoke as this may lead to contamination of the weld area.

The best method for joining two metals

Two metal pieces can be joined together using a variety of techniques including soldering, bolting, riveting, and welding. Welding requires that the pieces to be joined must have a similar composition, so one piece must be welded to itself or another piece that has a similar composition. Steel may be welded to steel, stainless steel can be welded to stainless steel, and aluminum can also frequently be welded together.

When welding, the metal inside of the joint becomes molten. Molten steel melts at approximately 2700 degrees Fahrenheit, but many other metals used for welding will melt at much lower temperatures. The surface temperature of the weld is between 1000 and 3000 degrees Fahrenheit depending on how fast heat is being lost.

Tips for metal fabrication and welding

Tips for metal fabrication and welding

For metal fabrication, proper preparation is critical for good results. All surfaces must be completely clean of dirt, oil, rust, paint or other contaminants that could lead to contamination of the weld area. Welding equipment should be in good working order with no sparks or smoke being emitted as these may lead to contamination of the weld area. The welding electrodes should be coated with flux before welding commences. Flux ensures that the weld area reaches a temperature high enough to melt the metal and properly join the two pieces together.

Benefits of metal fabrication and welding

Benefits of having metals fabricated include increased strength, durability, and precision of finished products. Welding is useful for joining pipes, appliances, and other equipment. Welding is also important in the construction of buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, and ships. Welding is even used to make simple instruments like metal rulers.


Metal fabrication is the process of assembling raw materials into a finished product. Welding is one method of metal fabrication that joins two pieces of metal together by melting the surfaces together. If you are looking for someone to complete your next project, contact us today! We have skilled welders on our team who can help turn your idea into reality.

Why You Lose Followers On Instagram And How To Fix It?


Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share and comment on photos. The most popular feature of the app is visual content, which can be in the form of pictures or videos, and has its own hashtag. In order to gain more followers, it’s important for people to post quality content regularly so their following continues to grow. If you read this informative article, you will know about the reasons why you are losing followers on Instagram.

Why Are You Losing Followers On Instagram?

It’s possible that you’re losing followers on Instagram because people are not interested in what you post. It may also be because other users have unfollowed you. You may be losing followers due to a lack of quality content. Or, perhaps you have not been posting on Instagram as regularly as you should be.

What You Should Do In Order To Maintain A Healthy Following?

One of the most effective techniques that you can use to maintain a healthy following is by making your content as original as possible. Some factors that contribute to a high level of unfollowing are the use of irrelevant hashtags and the over promotion of other social media profiles. Another way to avoid this is by being more mindful of who you follow on Instagram and unfollow those accounts whose posts you find distasteful. By doing so, you can ensure that the content being shared on your profile is likely to be of interest to your audience.

Another important thing to keep in mind when trying to maintain a high level of engagement is the quality and regularity of your posts. For instance, if you are posting a photo which has a low quality, and a high frequency of posts, your audience is likely to lose interest. However, if you keep a good quality that is presented at an appropriate pace, you are more likely to maintain healthy following.

The number of likes and comments on your posts is also a factor to consider when trying to keep your following high. If you are consistently receiving fewer likes and comments on your content, it is likely that your engagement and content is not appealing to people. However, if you consistently receive a large number of likes and comments on your posts, you are likely to keep a high level of following.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to maintain interest in your profile is by using relevant hashtags. If you use a diverse range of hashtags in your posts, it is more likely that you will post content to users who are interested in the content that you are posting. This will ensure that your posts get as much exposure as possible and help keep your following high.


In the end, it’s your job to create content that is engaging and interesting. If your content isn’t interesting, people aren’t going to follow you, and then they won’t see what you post.

If your content is engaging and interesting, people will follow you. Then, they will see your posts in their feed and engage with them. This is how you grow your following on Instagram.

WhatsApp GB Sticker Making: The Easy Guide

WhatsApp GB Sticker Making

WhatsApp GB is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over one billion active users. It has been around for over 10 years, and it just keeps getting better. WhatsApp GB stickers are an additional feature that WhatsApp GB has recently added to their app. It is an easy-to-use sticker maker with hundreds of free and paid stickers available for download. With this simple guide, you can easily create your own WhatsApp GB stickers! We will talk about what you need, how to make WhatsApp GB stickers and some tips for successful sticker making, go to this article for more.

What is a WhatsApp GB sticker?

What is a WhatsApp GB sticker

WhatsApp GB stickers are an additional feature WhatsApp GB has added to their app. WhatsApp GB stickers are like emoji, but they’re more customizable since you can choose the size and style of your WhatsApp GB stickers. There are hundreds of free and paid WhatsApp GB stickers available for download. The WhatsApp GB sticker maker is easy-to-use with many customization options!

How to make the perfect stickers?

There are a few different WhatsApp GB sticker makers that you can use to make WhatsApp GB stickers. WhatsApp GB stickers are all about customization, so you can choose what your WhatsApp GB sticker looks like. The WhatsApp GB sticker maker is easy-to-use and has many design options. Another option is to create WhatsApp GB stickers online with Sticker Maker. You can make your own WhatsApp GB stickers by uploading a photo or highlighting text from your WhatsApp GB chat window.

How to choose the best stickers for your profile picture?

Keep in mind what WhatsApp GB stickers you’ll be using to make WhatsApp GB stickers for. WhatsApp GB stickers are usually used to be funny and have a lot of character. So, if you’re using WhatsApp GB stickers to advertise your business, you should make WhatsApp GB stickers that do so, but also appropriately represent your company’s identity. If you’re not looking to advertise anything about yourself, then just go with something that simply reflects your personality.

How to use WhatsApp GB stickers on Android and iPhone?

Install WhatsApp GB stickers by tapping the WhatsApp GB icon, then selecting WhatsApp GB stickers in WhatsApp GB’s settings. You can also tap on the WhatsApp GB sticker icon to find available WhatsApp GB stickers. WhatsApp GB stickers are fun for chatting with friends and family so start making WhatsApp GB stickers today!

What are some of the other ways you can share WhatsApp GB stickers?

There are a number of other social media channels that you can share WhatsApp GB stickers on. WhatsApp GB stickers are a new and fun way to chat with friends, so WhatsApp GB stickers should be shared on social media! You can share WhatsApp GB stickers on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp GB or Instagram.

Tips and tricks for making an incredible sticker pack

Tips and tricks for making an incredible sticker pack:

1) Come up with your own WhatsApp GB stickers idea. WhatsApp GB stickers are usually used to be funny and have a lot of character, so if you’re looking for WhatsApp GB stickers to advertise your business, you should make WhatsApp GB stickers that do so, but also appropriately represent your company’s identity. If you’re making WhatsApp GB stickers just for yourself, then just go with something that simply reflects your personality.

2) Make WhatsApp GB stickers from photos or text by using WhatsApp GB sticker maker or Sticker Maker

3) Use WhatsApp GB stickers on WhatsApp GB and other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


If you’ve been wanting to create your own stickers, but don’t know where to start or are unsure of the process involved with making them, then now is the time! As we’ve shown you how easy it really is, why not try creating some cool custom stickers yourself! Be creative, good luck and happy designing!

How to use CBD oil for weight loss: A beginner’s guide

How to use CBD oil for weight loss

CBD oil is a safe and natural supplement that has been studied extensively to determine its effectiveness in helping people lose weight. It’s non psychoactive, meaning you won’t get “high” off the product, and it doesn’t contain THC, which makes it perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to smoking marijuana. CBD oil is also known as cannabidiol or cannabis saliva extracts (CSE) but don’t worry, because this article will help you understand how CBD works.

How does CBD oil works for weight?

How does CBD oil works for weight

CBD Oil works by regulating the body’s neurotransmitters that handle hunger and feelings of fullness. CBD has been shown to help reduce appetite, curb emotional eating, and can also reduce food cravings.

The compound is fat soluble and starts working on the metabolism regulating system in your body by increasing the level of serotonin. This hormone plays a major role in sleep, mood, appetite, reproduction, immune function, memory functioning and reducing pain sensation.

It also reduces inflammation, which makes it perfect for those who suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis or migraines or even those who just want to maintain their weight. The supplement doesn’t have any side effects, so it’s safe for anyone to use and it’s been proven to help people lose weight in a short amount of time.

What are the benefits of CBD oil for weight loss?

CBD oil helps you use up fat because it relaxes the muscles in your body while reducing inflammation and increasing serotonin. CBD oil also suppresses appetite, which makes it perfect for anyone who has trouble eating less. Last, it provides substantial benefits to individuals with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, which makes it perfect for anyone going through these issues that struggle with food cravings or overeating.

Who should use CBD oil for weight loss?

There are people who should not use CBD oil to help them lose weight, or any other supplement. This includes pregnant women, those who are taking any prescription medication, and individuals with a seizure disorder such as epilepsy. Please contact with your doctor before using CBD to ensure that it’s safe for you. The best candidates are those who have tried other methods of weight loss without success. The product should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise, in order to maximize its effectiveness.


CBD oil for weight loss is a great option to consider if you’re looking to lose weight. The compound has been shown in studies to help decrease the user’s appetite and cravings, which can lead to significant decreases in body fat over time and an overall healthier lifestyle. If you are considering trying CBD oil for weight loss, be sure that it is extracted from organic hemp plants so that there are no pesticides or other harmful chemicals present.

What Are The Towing Packages Offered And What Is Included In Them?


Tow packages are a set of equipment that you can purchase to equip your vehicle for pulling a trailer, or to pull a disabled vehicle out of the way. There are numerous types of tow package available in today’s market so it is important to know which one will best suit your needs. In this post we at San Jose Tow Service will be discussing about what towing packages offer and what they include.

What Is Included In A Towing Package?

Most packages contain a variety of hardware, cables and chains. The basic package usually includes four steel hooks with nylon straps, two synthetic straps (which can be used in place of steel hooks), one tow cable and a range of other items such as cables, bolts and nuts.

The more expensive options will include much more specialized equipment such as wooden blocks, tow chains, sliding blocks, lifting brackets and extra heavy duty automotive batteries.

Different Types Of Tow Packages

Different types of tow packages are offered by various manufacturers with many different options, so it is important to do your research. Some of the packages are designed for off-road vehicles while others are designed for vans or trucks. There are some that will be better for large vehicles and other tow packages that will be more suitable for smaller cars. In addition, some tow packages offer the accessories in a kit form, while others offer individual parts.

The Benefits Of Owning A Tow Package

A tow package can be a lifesaver when you need to get your vehicle out of the way, or when you need to get a disabled vehicle pulled free from a difficult spot. Tow packages make great gifts and are also perfect for people who travel in remote locations.

The best thing about owning a tow package is that it allows you to use your own vehicle without incurring any other major expenses. It’s also worth noting that tow company rates can vary significantly around the country, so if you own your own tow package, maintenance costs will not be an issue either.

How To Find The Right Type Of Tow Package For You?

You should start your search by looking at what type of vehicle you have. The size and type of vehicle will determine the type of packages that will be suitable for your needs. You should also check to see if the tow package includes any parts that your car may need, or if it is just meant for light duty situations. It is important to know what you are looking for and the price limits in-which you are working. The internet can be a great resource that will allow you to do some research online and find tow packages that might be suitable for your needs. It is also a valuable resource where you can read the reviews of tow packages and find out about their quality.


Tow packages are important to purchase for anyone who drives a vehicle that is capable of pulling trailers and needs the necessary equipment. Whether you need a trailer hitch or something more elaborate like an entire tow truck kit, there’s no shortage of options available on the market today. We hope this article has helped inform your purchasing decisions and give you peace of mind when it comes time to hit the road again.

How to Measure Success with Weight Loss and Diets

How to Measure Success with Weight Loss and Diets

It’s not always easy to see progress on the scales but by using a different measuring tool, you might be encouraged enough to keep going. Here are some tips for picking out the right tools and making sure they’re accurate:

Let’s start with body measurements

Let’s start with body measurements

You can use a tape measure or one of those “measure around your waist, hips, thighs etc.” types of things that come in most women’s magazines. Measurements are often more reliable than any scale because they consider where on your body fat is being distributed. If you have an especially round tummy or curvy hips, then it may look like there has been no change in your weight but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been improvement.

Consider clothes sizes next

If you are dieting to lose fat, the more fat you lose, the smaller your clothing size should be. Keep measuring yourself every time you get an extra pair of jeans or pants so that you can see how far along you are in losing inches as opposed to pounds. Where it looks like, there is no progress with scale measurements, maybe the clothes measurement will tell a different story! Wash all of your current clothes and then lay them out on the bed so that they look exactly as they did when they were last worn. Measurements come into play again at this stage get out those tape measures again and write your measurements before and after washing the clothes. And doesn’t worry about Abnehmtropfen, even though that’s usually the intention; if you lose inch, then that’s progress because it means less fat! You can also take your measurements while you are wearing a tight fitting body shape in all the same places as above to help track progress.

It is important to remember how much muscle you have added when weighing yourself and measuring yourself. If you aren’t working out regularly, or at least doing some kind of physical activity every day, then yes, don’t expect too much weight loss just yet. Muscle weighs more than fat so just because you haven’t lost inches doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some progress.

How to measure success with weight loss and diets?

How to measure success with weight loss and diets

It’s always a good idea to measure success in terms of more than just weight loss. This might also include measurements of waist or chest size or the number you wear in clothes. If your goal is weight related, you can also measure success through scales and sometimes steps/distance as well. When considering different measures for success, it’s important to note that not all measurements are accurate for everyone you may need to use over one tool to get an accurate picture of progress.

Conclusion You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but there is no quick fix to weight loss. The only way you will be successful in your dieting efforts is if you set realistic goals and work hard every day! Don’t forget about the emotional side of weight loss to make sure that you are taking care of yourself emotionally as well as physically so that you can stick with your plan for success. We have some great recipes on our website that will help keep cravings at bay when they strike or give you an extra boost during those tough moments where all seems lost. Give them a try today!

All about Smartwatches and Your Smart Phone

All about Smartwatches and Your Smart Phone

Smart watches are becoming more and more popular, with the Apple Watch as one of the most well-known brands. The watch is designed for those who want to stay connected, but not be glued to their phone. However, it has some limitations that might make you reevaluate your purchase. For example, if you need a fitness tracker or have an old version iPhone or android phone then this watch may not work for you because they do not sync together. Another limitation is that there are only ten apps available and other than weather updates or a stopwatch app there isn’t much variety available in terms of what you can download which makes it hard to find something useful or interesting enough for your needs since all of them seem pretty basic.

What are the apps limitations of the Smart Phone?

What are the apps limitations of the Smart Phone

The smartwatch has a few limitations that it cannot do. It can’t be as reliable for emergencies calls or sending texts because of the battery life and the ability to be tracked remotely by GPS. There are also limitations in the how many apps it can hold because of its smaller size and limited capabilities.

What is the app store on the Smart Watch?

The Apple watch has an app store where you can find, download, and sync apps directly onto your device. There are over 1000 apps currently available in the app store which will grow as the watch becomes more popular. Compare this to the apple phone where there are many times that number of apps since they launched in 2007.

How easy is it to connect your smartwatch to your smart phone?

It takes a few minutes for you to set up your wearable device and begin using it but once it’s done all you have to do are tap on your wrist and it will send the calls or texts directly onto your wrist screen. You can also add photos and contacts, get directions, check email,or play games too!

How to find apps for your smartwatch

How to find apps for your smartwatch

First, it is important that you understand the two different categories of apps for your smartwatch. There are standalone apps that do not require a phone to use, and there are also phone dependent apps that you must sync with your phone to work. To find an app for your watch, search by keyword or scan through the letter S in the alphabetical list. Then click download and complete installation via syncing with your phone.

Conclusion Smartwatches are a powerful tool for your mobile device because they allow you to take control of what is happening on your phone without having to actually touch it. You can even set up custom notifications so that only the information and alerts you really want pop up on your watch face, which helps cut down on distractions. It’s not always easy to find the app you need at first especially if you have downloaded none yet!

Best Knife For The Survivalist

Best Knife For The Survivalist

Best survival knife. Folding, fixed blade, pocket, full tang, military, all round and more survival knives.

Survival knives are the quintessential survival tools, should you lose everything in an survival situation, a suitable knife could make the difference between life and death. It is the tool that allows you to cut free, to defend yourself and to perform all sorts of survival skills in the wilderness.

survival situation

Their importance is so widely established that they are issued as standard practice to Army, Marine and Air Forces around the world to help servicemen look after themselves in the most dangerous situations and in the most hostile environments. Originally issued simply like butcher-like knives or bayonets, with time survival knives have evolved into a vast array of purposeful tools to match specific requirements in the most diverse conditions so as to deliver optimal performance, look at more info.

There are different types of survival knives out there, a folding pocket knife may be suitable for trekking survival as part of a larger survival kit, while a large fixed blade, full tang knife is more suitable for self defense or combat situations. Pilot survival knives are designed to pierce through the thin aluminum skin of a wreaked plane or chopper in order to break free and to defend themselves in hostile surroundings.

Depending on the intended use, a survival knife may have a full tang or a short tang. A full tang knife is more balanced and allows for better handling and speed for self defense but the catch will be less impact force for chopping through, while a smaller tang creates an unbalance between the heavier blade and the lighter handle which will result in less speed and accuracy but more impact force, ideal for cutting through.

There are also multipurpose, pocket size survival knives like the ever popular Swiss Army tools that display an unmatched number of ancillary tools for all survival, camping or trekking situations. Others prefer a simple all purpose folding blade, others still a fixed blade with a sheath. As you can see there is no such a thing as the “best survival knife” because what is excellent for a particular use may be less suitable in a different situation.

Whether you are a soldier, a trekker, a camper or someone who need an all round survival knife in this page you’ll find a variety of solutions to your need.

History of the festival

The Teddington River Festival is a community event encompassing the Annual Teddington RNLI Lifeboat Station Open Day.


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) provides, on call, a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service and a seasonal lifeguard service throughout the UK. With 236 stations and an active fleet of 330 lifeboats the RNLI rescues around 22 people per day. The Teddington Lifeboat Station, manned entirely by volunteers, is one of 4 stations along the Thames which collectively launched their lifeboats a total of 884 times last year rescuing 270 people. Teddington was ranked the 21st busiest station out of the 236 stations.

Thames Boat Project (TBP)

The River Thames Boat Project is a registered charity that gives people of all ages the chance to access the Thames, to discover this fascinating river, and to learn more about its environment. The specially adapted community barge, the Thames Venturer, provides day and residential cruises for people of all ages and abilities from its berth in Kingston upon Thames, and is also used as a floating classroom by local schools. The River Thames Boat Project runs five programmes including: day and residential cruises for people with physical disabilities.

Twickenham Sea Cadets (TSC)

The Twickenham Sea Cadets are part of the UK’s oldest nautical youth charity. Established in 1854 the first Sea Cadet unit at Whitstable in Kent, gave young people instruction on a naval theme. Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the Unit Headquarters.

The tradition of community-based Sea Cadet Units continues today with 400 across the UK each with charitable status enabling them to raise funds to meet their running costs.

'A Thames View'

‘A Thames View’ Photography Competition sponsored by MAA Architects, Outerspace Limited and The Flying Cloud Café

Thank you to everyone who took part and our congratulations to the winning entries.


How to find us

From Teddington:

  • By rail: From Teddington Station turn left onto Station Road. At Teddington High Street turn right and continue through to the end of Ferry Road
  • By bus: The bus routes 281, 285, R33 and R68 stop at the Teddington Lock stop which is 200m walk from Teddington Lock
  • By car: There is limited street parking available in the residential roads north of the Kingston and Twickenham Roads



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