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The Teddington River Festival and Teddington Lifeboat Station Open Day is a family fun day enjoyed by thousands of visitors with a variety of activities across the river including live music, boat rides, river rescue demonstrations, skiffing, rowing and kayaking taster sessions, craft & community stalls, fairground rides and inflatables and so much more.

With the theme ‘Leisure and pleasure on the Thames’, the 2014 festival provided an ideal platform for the, Teddington Lifeboat Station and RNLI Fundraisers, the River Thames Boat Project and its specially adapted Dutch barge ‘Thames Venturer’, the Twickenham Sea Cadets and many other charitable organisations to recruit new members, raise awareness and funds for their cause. More than £6,000 was raised throughout the day for all the charities and not for profit organisations involved. Watch the highlights of the festival via our short video taken throughout the day.

Festival Dragon

We are also very grateful to all the individuals and organisations who support the event through sponsorship and benefit in kind.

The festival simply cannot take place without this level of support. Visit our sponsors page to find out who supported the event this year.


Get Involved

The Teddington River Festival is a charitable community event raising the profile of the River Thames and those who use and serve the river as well as Teddington and its community.


The Teddington River Festival is grateful to the support of community and local sponsors to enable this event to take place. It is not possible to hold this event without this support.

Book a Stand

Craft & community stands are available in the Manor Road Recreation Ground and on the Ham Tow Path at £50 for a 3mx3m pitch. There is a minimum of 4 stands of any one kind, for example, jewellery and only 2 stands.

Donate a Prize

The Teddington River Festival Prize Draw raises funds for the chosen festival charities, which this year include:

  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
  • River Thames Boat Project
  • Sea Cadets Twickenham

Provide an Activity

The success of the Teddington River Festival is measured by the enjoyment received by visitors throughout the day. We are always looking for events and activities that add value and enjoyment to the day. If you would like to add to the fun.


We are currently looking for support sponsors. Support sponsors will benefit from branding on the day, an advertisement in the official programme that will be distributed before and during the festival as well as optional stand space on the day.


How Important is Paint Protection When Buying a Car?

How Important is Paint Protection When Buying a Car

Everyone should use the best methods to keep their car protected. If you are taking a new car outside, then you can face several types of issues to protect it from damage like birds, UV rays, and many others. That is why it is important to get paint protection. It can help you to keep the paint of your car looks new. Such investments can help a person who plans to resell their car.

What is Paint Protection?

What is Paint Protection

Paint protection is an additional coating that is designed to go about as a seal over the paintwork on a car to offer additional protection from things that can damage untreated paintwork, for example, UV rays, bird droppings, and street dirt.

Paint protection products do precisely what the name proposes, which is to shield your new vehicle’s paint from dirt and different contaminants that could check it or fade the color. They do this with a coating that is applied by the dealership to cover the paint.

It prevents the paint from being assaulted by things like tree sap and bird droppings if you’re sufficiently fortunate to live someplace with a great deal of sunshine throughout the year, a portion of these products guarantees to shield your paint color from blurring.

Types of Paint Protection Products

You can find various types of paint protection products, which can help you to get the best outcome. By checking out www.emailmeform.com/builder/emf/Al512/shine-armor-review, you can easily get all the required details.

  • Films
  • Wax
  • Ceramic or glass coatings
  • Synthetic sealants

What is the Cost of Getting Pain Protection from Dealers?

When you read more, you’ll get the message that despite what many individuals think, car dealers are not the sham merchants they’re frequently portrayed, but add-on products like paint protection are an area where clients should utilize alert.

The price dealership charges for a paint protection product will fluctuate contingent upon the genuine product they are utilizing and to what extent it takes to apply. It makes sense that it won’t take as long or as much product to secure a typical or costly car.

You can see a price somewhere in the range of $100 and $300, which is a satisfactory price to pay for a great ceramic or glass coating to be applied, particularly if a fabric protection product is incorporated as part of the package if you have material inside.

How Much it Cost to Apply it by Yourself?

How Much it Cost to Apply it by Yourself

These products are not all that specialized, and the application procedure is easier. In this way, you don’t have to complete it via prepared professionals in a controlled environment. There are plenty of paint protection products you can purchase from auto parts stores and online, and if you can clean a car, then you can most likely apply for paint protection without any than a little time, patience, and effort.

So, you can get more info at www.emailmeform.com/builder/emf/Al512/shine-armor-review, which ensures that you use the right methods for keeping your car clean. It will ensure that you don’t need to worry about anything.

How to Prepare for Air Duct Cleaning

How to Prepare for Air Duct Cleaning

When you made up your mind to get the air duct cleaning services, then you might be looking for a professional company. Before you make any type of decision, you have first to get some details about the expert so that you can get the best quality of duct cleaning services. By preparing yourself for the air duct cleaning, you can get complete assurance that all the work will be done with complete professionalism.

The experts will arrive at your location and provide you the best quality of services so that you won’t face any problems with the duct system. With the help of proper cleaning, you can reduce your electricity bill and improve the HVAC system in your house.

Get An Inspection From The Expert

The first thing that you have to do is get an inspection from an expert. You can contact any professional company that offers free inspection services for duct cleaning. You can also contact an expert who offers a complete report so that you decide whether you need the services or not. By getting a complete inspection will help you to learn all the details and ensure that you take the right steps for the duct cleaning services.

Check The Area With The Technician

Check The Area With The Technician

Make sure that when the expert or technician is checking the area, you are with them. It will help you to determine whether they are doing their work properly or not. Such things are essential so that you have all the information about the duct cleaning services in your house.

Ask All The Questions On Your Mind

Make sure that you ask all the questions that you have on your mind. When you are getting the inspection, you can ask all the questions from the experts so that you do not have any worries when you are getting such services. Prefer contacting a professional company that has a team of friendly experts so that you won’t face any problems.

Decide Whose Services Are Best For You

You should also consider going to ductsoncall.com, to get the best services which will prove beneficial for you. As you already know that there might be multiple companies that can provide you duct cleaning services. You should look for a professional company that only offers the best quality of duct cleaning. This way, you won’t face any type of issue after you get the experts to help in your house.

Only Contact A Professional Company

It is always advised that you only contact a professional company for duct cleaning. It is because they have certified professionals who can help in providing the best quality of duct cleaning work. This way, you can avoid various types of issues in your house.

Only Contact A Professional Company

You can check out ductsoncall.com, where you can learn about different types of duct cleaning services offered by the experts. Once you contact the experts, you can easily discuss all the things regarding the quality of services offered by them. If you get quality assurances from the experts, then you can easily get their help for the duct cleaning in your house.

Quotes about What Matters Most In Life

Quotes about What Matters Most In Life

The quote is the repetition of the words forms the famous person or someone. Without changing the words by the person who wrote the passage about anything or anyone. The quote is used for direct information about something. It may be positive or negative. The sentence or phrase or passage in oral speech is represented as a quote. Some said or some written about something in special is called a quote. Usually quote is used for acknowledging about the passage. It is also known as speakers’ word or credit acknowledgement.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life:

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

A quote may be the repetition words or speech of someone else. For example, “always look on the bright side of life” is a quote written by Monty Python. In that quote, the sentence is a new and match for everyone’s life. This quote means that everyone’s life has a happy and sad part. In that, the part may be happy or else sad, life is a short period of all. So, the remembrance about life may be the bright and happy which part is considered by all.

Likewise, each part of life has moments of sadness as well as happiness part. Hence, the person who lives his life may consider the bright and happy part of life. Life is a race, run until getting success. This is also a famous word from someone’s speech about life. Here, Life in everyone’s period has been exposed to this quote. Then the life quotes briefly explained here for further details look at more in following website www.famousquotes.com.

Creature Of Life:

Life is the form of a present stage in the earth. It is also known as living matter. The matter expresses some attributes which may include the reproduction and variation of natural selection. Nowadays life becomes more difficult for some people living in the world. Thinking the life matters that feel most anxious. Life is a certain period to get themselves out from the dangerous conditions. Happy living life is a precious time for all who live in life.

Proper Guide for Live a Life:

Proper Guide for Live a Life

Life is defining learning to be good or bad uncertainty. Many more possibilities are in the life which may be an amazing factor. Living in life is learning about the mind. Life is not only to make money but also believing worth is important while living. If any opportunities come in front of the person, then the person will build something special to become trustworthy. Therefore, a shorten period of life is prepared for the career of the person who loves life most. For further details look at more in following website www.famousquotes.com.

The moment of living is the most important thing while making life happy. Now, we can explain what matters life most. The quotes are becoming an important role here. Experience is the best teacher. Likewise, this sentence explained the experiences in life are what matters the most in everyone’s life.

What is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate?

What Is The Best Time To Invest In Real Estate

Real estate investment is the commonly opted choice across the globe when it comes to investment. Numerous things has to be considered while investing in real estate. The most common doubt that people has is, wondering when is the best time to invest in real estate. If the question doesn’t arise, you aren’t really concentrating on real estate investment. Real estate market trends are generally subjected to various pressures such as rise and fall of mortgage rates, legislative initiatives etc. Visiting https://www.investment-bauer.de/ would import more insights about real estate investments.

If you keep your eye on the following things, it is possible to figure out the best time to invest in real estate.

1. Rent Out Or Occupy

Rent Out Or Occupy

When it comes to investing on real estate, some buy to occupy while the others buy to rent it out. It is not a trivia, fishing out the reason behind real estate investment and how it is financed is prominent thing to keep an eye on.

If you are investing on real estate to occupy, ask yourself it is worth investing rather than renting. It is worth investing if you are going to live long-term in the arena. Consider the size of the property and the space your family needs to make well informed decision.

If you are planning to invest on real estate to rent out in the future, entire scenario is different. Keep an eye on quantity of money it can make in the future. Understand the rental market as well as expense you have to spend in maintaining the property. When investing brings you long term benefit, then you can move towards next screening process.

2. Low Mortgage Rates

In the current scenario, mortgage rates are at historic low. Low mortgage rates makes buying a real estate property an affordable one. It is beneficial in investing than renting one and it is also subjective to your current scenario.

If the rates increases in the future, it might hurt house price but only “if”. Considering the current scenarios with low mortgage rates, it is affordable today.

3. Affordability

Yes, low mortgage rates turns property buying an affordable one but it there is a chance it send house price soaring in the future. Not all the time low rates in mortgage cure all as they seems now. Scrutinize your circumstances to make a well informed decision.

4. Watch Out For Hot Market

Experts in real estate always believe that, there is no specific good time to invest in real estate. The real estate market usually forces the price to go up rarely and but it last long term. Since the market responds to incentives likes adjusts and low supply. Looking forward to long-term trends are worth considering and do not get attracted by marketing gimmicks of a short term trend.

5. Financial Situations And Ability To Make Payments

When you are planning to make big investment in real estate, it is mandatory to have a solid financial position. Expert’s suggestion is to invest big in real estate if you have job security. If you opt any loans for making big investment, your job security backs you and keep you on track without any snags.

6. Passive Investment In Real Estate

Passive Investment In Real Estate

Being a passive investor in real estate is popular in real estate investment. Buying a stake or using online platform is worth considering when it comes to passive investment in real estate.

Considering all the above mentioned information and scrutinizing them would paves a way to effectually fish out right time to invest in real estate that opens the door to higher profit in the future.

How to Take the Air Out of Cooler System?

How to Take the Air Out of Cooler System

An air conditioner is a system or a machine that treats air, used to evict the heated air, and produces the cooler air to make the surrounding cool. An air conditioner contains the compressor, condenser coil, and a fan. Air conditioning can be used in both domestic and commercial environments, typically for humans. Air conditioner is also used for cooling and dehumidifying rooms filled with heat-producing electronic devices like computer servers, power amplifiers, etc. An air conditioner is also used in ice cream or ice Popsicle machines.

Take the Air Out of Cooler System

The air cooler, which uses the ice to produce air will generate heat that needs to be blown out of the room similar to the heat that is blown out of the room by an air conditioner. It is an exchange of heat where air conditioning steals heat from the room and cools it, then throws the unwanted heat out. In an ice cream or Popsicle machine, the air conditioner is placed at the bottom of the machine itself. These machines have some unwanted air inside the cooler, you should take out from the cooler. If you want to take out the air from the cooler remove the radiator cap, turn on the engine to run until the radiator to evict the air out.

There Are Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Split air conditioner means that the condenser or sometimes referred to as the outdoor unit is separated from the indoor unit, thus the term split. Window air conditioner called window AC describes a type of AC in which a single unit contains all the components of the air conditioning unit. The most commonly used air conditioner for single rooms is literally in a small size but produces a more cool atmosphere. Central air conditioning systems a common unit is producing cooling for many rooms or apartments. So it is recommended for cooling big buildings, households, offices, entire hotels, gyms, movie theaters, factories, etc. While many problems with your air conditioner will require a professional technician to prepare the issue, we should do service, repair, and maintain air conditioners. Most of the common problems or issues in air conditioners can be caused by inadequate maintenance. So to help avoid any further issues, we recommend that you get set up on an annual maintenance plan for your heating and cooling systems. Click here jotform.com/prodrev/blaux-portable-ac-avis to gain more info about the maintenance schedule for your air cooler.

Reason To Install Air Conditioner

Reason To Install Air Conditioner

Right Start is the Necessary Fresh installation of the AC needs to be correct for several reasons. Firstly if the start is not right, the AC will face frequent problems thus bringing down the efficiency and the performance of the AC. Secondly, the AC will not be durable because minor issues have a lot of impact on the overall working thus posing problems at your end. You might not want this to happen and so the installation should be correct in the first place or else you might have to suffer a lot.

How do Search Engines Rank Websites Factors?

How do Search Engines Rank Websites Factors

No doubt, search engines play a critical role today when it comes to buying products and services all around the world. Some major search engines like Google and Yahoo are dominating the internet as they have become the most used search engines.

So, people who want to improve the rankings and ratings of their website on such search engines. There are thousands of reasons and objectives people to have an increased ranking on the search engines.

The websites which have increased rankings will help the owners to drive more organic traffic and clients. You can easily convert the targeted audience into real clients and leads effortlessly.

Hence, it is very important to become familiar with the major factors search engines use to rank a website. In order to find more info about such factors, you can chase the following paragraphs right now without any doubt:

Search Engines Use Different Algorithms

Search Engines Use Different Algorithms

As a beginner, you should fit in your brain that search engines use different algorithms for ranking a website. Not all the factors are known by the website operators. This is why you should know the algorithm that search engines use for ranking websites.

Mobile Responsiveness

The first and foremost factor that influences the ranking of a website is its mobile responsiveness. If the mobile affability of your website is to poor, it m might not have increased search engine rankings. Accordingly, you should try to make your website mobile-friendly more.

User Experience

The user experience is probably the most important factor that search engines use to rank the website. When the search engines realize that your website provides more quality user experience, increase its rankings without any kind of doubt.  You can get find more info regarding the user experience from your social media or digital partners.

Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed is yet another decisive factor that can influence the rankings and ratings of your website in search engine results. If your page loading speed is extremely elevated and uplifted, it will encourage more users use the websites.

Quality Of Content

Indeed, the quality of content you post on your website can become another important factor. When you post excellent quality content regularly on your site, it will help the website itself to have improved rankings.

Accessible And Secure Websites

Furthermore, you should know that accessibility can become another important factor that can influence your website rankings without any doubt.  In addition, the safety or security offered by your websites to the users can become a major factor to consider for the search engine rankings.

Domain Authority  

Domain Authority

Among the most important ranking factors domain authority is still the most important one to consider. It is a very important search engine ranking factors that determines the ability of your website on search engine result pages. Your website could easily have the domain authority from the ranges between 1 and 100 without any doubt.

Hence, you have successfully understood some vital factors in the mentioned above paragraphs that are important for the SEO and search engine ranking.

What are the Fastest Horse Breeds in the World?

What are the Fastest Horse Breeds in the World

The best fastest horse breed in the world is a thoroughbred horse and most of the Arabian horses are very intelligent and this thoroughbred horse is used for racing industries. This thoroughbred has Guinness record for fastest speed horse in the world and this thoroughbred is included Arabian horse breed and also quarter horse breed is mainly used for racing and these are the oldest horse breed in the world. Draft bred is the most powerful breed in the world and thoroughbred is fastest horse breed and also its suits for a long-distance ride for that reason this breed used in the war .the quarter breed horse is the fastest breed and its run quarter mils speed compare to other horse breeds that’s why it’s called American quarter horse breed, sometimes the thoroughbred is used to identify the other some horse breed as original breed and this thoroughbred only has the capability. This thoroughbred considers as hot blood horse also it has high speed and spirit.

Some Unique Fastest Horse Breeds:

Some Unique Fastest Horse Breeds

Every horse has some unique character and qualities as their capability in the beginning stage the horse breed is used in the war and after that, it used in the racing and some people will ride for fun and some horse has very smooth characteristics, it is best for people who have knee pain or back pain it makes you more comfortable ride. Let see fasts horse breeds are.

  • Thoroughbred
  • American quarter breed
  • Arabian breed
  • Standard bred

Many people expect the horse speed and it should reach the destination as much as possible time speed in racing wining is tough the ribbon at the finish line and these four breeds are fastest breeds in the world.


The thoroughbred is long leg breed and its very oldest horse breed in the world this breed has kept long-distance and these thoroughbreds has trained by some discipline such as jumping, dressage, and barrel racing.

American Quarter Breed:

This horse breed can run quarter-mile speed with other horse breeds for that reason this breed called as American quarter breed it has unique characteristics and versatility this quarter breed used in many places for racing it improves the running quality by speed.

Arabian Horse:

The Arabian horse is the most beautiful horse breed in the world and also it has good running speed quality also, this American breeds can come from the middle east of Egypt and this also one of the oldest horse breed this Arabian bread is the backbone of the thoroughbred horse.

Standard Breed:

This standard horse breed is mainly used in racing and it holds the record-breaking time in the race. The breed foundation will hold the horse breed once its reach the certain amount of mile and compare with three hundreds of breed these four breeds are the fastest breed ever in the world and it holds the world Guinness record timing.

Standard Breed

Once you ride with majestic horse breed you can improve your skill and improve choosing the horse breed and you feel more confident around the horse there is some instruction available for the beginners to ride on the horse and also some experienced trainers available forgive some instruction for the beginners the Andalusian horse breed is one of the most beautiful horse and the Marwari horse has some unique sound on their ride and the Orlov horse breed is find after the fifteenth century and it has a brilliant story about their performance and its most famous on British compaction and this breed is the king of the horse breed in the nineteenth century.

Why does Drinking Water Help with Weight Loss?

Why does Drinking Water Help with Weight Loss

Water intake helps in achieving your weight loss goals. Drinking helps to reduce fat in your body, it also increases your metabolism rate. It keeps your body hydrated. Drinking water lets you drop all the water weight from your body. It also helps to deal with bloating from your face or body. Having water before your food will make you feel full as it is a good appetite suppressant. As you are drinking water before eating you are cutting calories from your food. Studies have shown that if you drink water before start eating your meals you reduce 75 calories from your intake. If you drinking water before just one meal of your day then on an average you are taking fewer calories likely 27,000 calories per year.

Use Water in Place of High Calories Drinks

This is how you will lose 8 pounds per year from this. Now you can calculate how beneficial it is to drink water before every meal. One simple tip to take the right amount of water in your day is to use a water bottle that can contain 10 ounces glasses of water. Also, drinking more water helps clean your body and stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight and fats. Drink water before you eat will be used to reduce your weight, because water is an appetite suppressant, drinking it before meals can make you feel fuller, therefore reducing the amount of food you eat.

Use Water in Place of High Calories Drinks

You can be choosy at the time of picking up a soft drink bottle. Skip high calories drink such as sodas, juice, soft drink, etc. and replace these items with water. Lemon helps you to prevent cravings, as a result of this lemon water is a good recipe for healthy weight loss. The more you take lemon water daily the more you cut fat from your body. If you want to see the amazing results in losing weight then skip these sugary drinks for just 1 month and drink lemon water. If you will drink ice-cold water then you will lose more weight fast.

As your body boost your metabolism and start burning calories to warm up those cold water in your body.  Ice cold water also refreshes your mood. Drinking more water daily also helps you in joints cramps. You can exercise more if your water intake is good. Those who workout daily needs to be hydrated enough to prevent muscle breakdown. If you want to get the most out of gym exercise then you must drink plenty of water.

How to Drink Water in the Right Proportion?

In this you should follow some rules while drinking will help you to reduce weight. The rule is you must drink eight glasses of water in which a glass is of 8 ounces. Weight maintenance also demands for drinking enough amount of water. One of the best ways to track your water intake is to check your toilet after going to the bathroom. The color of urine indicates that you are drinking enough water or not. If the color of the urine is yellow then you need to drink more water.

How to Drink Water in the Right Proportion

So to achieve the goals of your weight loss don’t forget the essential ingredient in your daily routine that is water. Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, this will helps to reduce weight and cleanse your body of waste. Doing exercise will also help you to reduce weight. If you want to know more benefits of drinking more water for the weight loss click here www.jotform.com/prodrev/slimymed-premium-test.

What is A Smartwatch Used For?

What is A Smartwatch Used For

A smartwatch is an all in one product, because this will act as a computer, laptop, palmtop, Smartphone, and also the fitness tracker. These are the wearable computers or the Smartphone’s in the form of a watch. This providing you to manage the smartphone apps, computer OS, and fitness trackers monitoring works, and so on, so that most of the people feel proud to have these kinds of smartwatches.

How To Check Health Instantly?

How To Check Health Instantly

Most reputable brands can give you an impressive amount of features, but some still lack health functions that can help you save your life. This is one of the most impressive features of GX SmartWatch. It’s like having a health check with your wrist as it can read your blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and heart rate. To show it to your doctor, you can get readings that can help them make recommendations that can increase your well-being. Therefore, it is also the ideal sports smartwatch. You can track your heartbeat before and after the exercise and monitor it as your health improves. Only with high-end smartwatches will you get sleep-boosting features being able to follow the quality of your sleep means that you can make adjustments in your lifestyle that you can go a long way for enough closed eyes. The beauty of GX SmartWatch is that it offers clear readings of how you sleep so that you can monitor depth and quality. Not only that, but it will also show you when you are asleep and provide a reading of each sleep phase during the night.

What Are The Features Of The GX Smartwatch?

Many people are concerned about the durability of a quality smartwatch. This is understandable, as many technologies are entering these devices. However, you still want to rely on the durability of the watch. Due to the solid material and IP68 waterproof protection level, GX SmartWatch can go anywhere you want to buy. You get up to 30 minutes of protection from water up to 1.5 meters deep. Reliable Bluetooth Function is one of the main advantages of having a sports smartwatch is that you can use it as you would on your phone. So you expect it to do much more than reading text messages. An important power for GX SmartWatch is answering and calling calls, reading SMS, showing notifications, and more. This means that you should never miss an important message. You can also access your phonebook from this versatile smartwatch.

GX SmartWatch not only has a modern design but also offers all the sports-related functions you might expect. This means that you can use a step counter, calorie tracker, pedometer, and distance recording modes. When you can track and store this information, this helps you put your best foot forward to approach fitness goals. No smartwatch is the same before you can control your music, another area that GX SmartWatch does well. You can select the next track in your playlist, increase the volume, or pause without having to take your smartphone from your pocket. One problem we often hear in health smartwatches is that they all look the same.

What Are The Features Of The GX Smartwatch

This is largely true, and there are limited options when you want to highlight or break the mold. One of the best features of GX SmartWatch is its striking design. It’s modernized so you get an ultra-thin watch face and a stylish strap design to make it work-like but sporty. It is scratch-resistant and can still be seen from the mineral glass mirror in bright sunlight, it is functional as well as practical. Once you click here emailmeform.com/builder/emf/pro/gx-smartwatch-test able to see plenty of smartwatches, other benefits, and specification of the smartwatches.

How to Fix A Broken Watch Strap

There are many types of watch straps a leather strap, wooden strap, steel strap, chain strap, threaded, or metal strap. These all kinds of strap can be fixed again when it broken into pieces. But before get damaging the watch strap make some care on the straps. This will be the most elegant part of the strapped watch. To fix the broken watch strap you should collect some required things such as bonding or fixing agent like leather setting glues, collect small size of Velcro, which is used to rub the strap, scissors to cut the unwanted threads and cloths, and sandpaper. Apply the glue on the Velcro and use the hook of the Velcro on the watch. Fix it with your watch in the direction of just the opposite of your skin. Glue the other Velcro bit on the other side of the strap, use the soft Velcro on the other side, and onside fix the rough Velcro to fix it tightly. Glue the both Velcro and attach the both one together to fix well. Finally, the watch strap is ready to use.

Broken Watch Strap

How To Choose the Best Strap For My Watch?

The display part is connected to the strap by using the buckle. That will act as a connector between the watch and the strap to fix the strap on the watch. If you find the broken buckle, first remove that broken buckle from the strap. Collect the newer ones for your watch, after that hold your strap on one side in your hand now fix the buckle in the strap. Take your tool which is used to fix the buckle with the watch. The watch or time showing part will have two holes on the two sides; once you find that place you can easily fix the buckle with your watch.

If you use the spring tool to fix it, just press down and then push it to the side until it comes and fit in the right position. Take some care at the time of fixing the buckle on your watch, it may cause to effect or injure your hand. After fixing the buckle remove the spring bar tool from your watch strap and set it in the tray. There are two options one you can fix it using this technique another one is to buy the replacement watch strap and attach it.

How to Measure The Watch Strap Using the Jaws?

How to Measure The Watch Strap Using the Jaws

Using the measurement tool, you must measure the width of the buckle. To measure the buckle, take the measurable jaw and fix the buckle in the jaw and note the size of the buckle. If the buckle is not suitable for your watch or strap it may affect your skin or it is not flexible to you. The strap colors are different from one to another so that choose the matching buckle with the same color of the strap. Once you have the right buckle fix it using the tool and make use of it. This will go to a useful and simple way to fix your broken watch strap.

History of the festival

The Teddington River Festival is a community event encompassing the Annual Teddington RNLI Lifeboat Station Open Day.


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) provides, on call, a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service and a seasonal lifeguard service throughout the UK. With 236 stations and an active fleet of 330 lifeboats the RNLI rescues around 22 people per day. The Teddington Lifeboat Station, manned entirely by volunteers, is one of 4 stations along the Thames which collectively launched their lifeboats a total of 884 times last year rescuing 270 people. Teddington was ranked the 21st busiest station out of the 236 stations.

Thames Boat Project (TBP)

The River Thames Boat Project is a registered charity that gives people of all ages the chance to access the Thames, to discover this fascinating river, and to learn more about its environment. The specially adapted community barge, the Thames Venturer, provides day and residential cruises for people of all ages and abilities from its berth in Kingston upon Thames, and is also used as a floating classroom by local schools. The River Thames Boat Project runs five programmes including: day and residential cruises for people with physical disabilities.

Twickenham Sea Cadets (TSC)

The Twickenham Sea Cadets are part of the UK’s oldest nautical youth charity. Established in 1854 the first Sea Cadet unit at Whitstable in Kent, gave young people instruction on a naval theme. Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the Unit Headquarters.

The tradition of community-based Sea Cadet Units continues today with 400 across the UK each with charitable status enabling them to raise funds to meet their running costs.

'A Thames View'

‘A Thames View’ Photography Competition sponsored by MAA Architects, Outerspace Limited and The Flying Cloud Café

Thank you to everyone who took part and our congratulations to the winning entries.


How to find us

From Teddington:

  • By rail: From Teddington Station turn left onto Station Road. At Teddington High Street turn right and continue through to the end of Ferry Road
  • By bus: The bus routes 281, 285, R33 and R68 stop at the Teddington Lock stop which is 200m walk from Teddington Lock
  • By car: There is limited street parking available in the residential roads north of the Kingston and Twickenham Roads



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