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The Teddington River Festival and Teddington Lifeboat Station Open Day is a family fun day enjoyed by thousands of visitors with a variety of activities across the river including live music, boat rides, river rescue demonstrations, skiffing, rowing and kayaking taster sessions, craft & community stalls, fairground rides and inflatables and so much more.

With the theme ‘Leisure and pleasure on the Thames’, the 2014 festival provided an ideal platform for the, Teddington Lifeboat Station and RNLI Fundraisers, the River Thames Boat Project and its specially adapted Dutch barge ‘Thames Venturer’, the Twickenham Sea Cadets and many other charitable organisations to recruit new members, raise awareness and funds for their cause. More than £6,000 was raised throughout the day for all the charities and not for profit organisations involved. Watch the highlights of the festival via our short video taken throughout the day.

Festival Dragon

We are also very grateful to all the individuals and organisations who support the event through sponsorship and benefit in kind.

The festival simply cannot take place without this level of support. Visit our sponsors page to find out who supported the event this year.


Get Involved

The Teddington River Festival is a charitable community event raising the profile of the River Thames and those who use and serve the river as well as Teddington and its community.


The Teddington River Festival is grateful to the support of community and local sponsors to enable this event to take place. It is not possible to hold this event without this support.

Book a Stand

Craft & community stands are available in the Manor Road Recreation Ground and on the Ham Tow Path at £50 for a 3mx3m pitch. There is a minimum of 4 stands of any one kind, for example, jewellery and only 2 stands.

Donate a Prize

The Teddington River Festival Prize Draw raises funds for the chosen festival charities, which this year include:

  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
  • River Thames Boat Project
  • Sea Cadets Twickenham

Provide an Activity

The success of the Teddington River Festival is measured by the enjoyment received by visitors throughout the day. We are always looking for events and activities that add value and enjoyment to the day. If you would like to add to the fun.


We are currently looking for support sponsors. Support sponsors will benefit from branding on the day, an advertisement in the official programme that will be distributed before and during the festival as well as optional stand space on the day.


Hidden Toxins in Cigarettes

Hidden Toxins in Cigarettes

I recently went to the doctor’s office to get my sore throat checked out, but when I was waiting for my results, I read through a poster on the wall. There was a poster on the wall with the words “What The Tobacco Industry Is Hiding In Cigarettes”. There was a picture of a cigarette, then a rather disturbing list of all the toxins that the cigarette contained. So, read this review article for detox patches.

According to the poster, produced by the Department of Health, there are many toxic compounds hidden in the cigarettes. Because cigarettes are not FDA approved they are not obligated to publish a full ingredients list. Some of them will definitely shock you, and after reading this list I made it my New Year’s Resolution to quit!

We all know that cigarette smoke causes cancer and that it has taken the life of many people, but I want to make you aware of the top nine most toxic chemicals in cigarettes. What will shock you the most is where else you can find these chemicals!

Toxins in Cigarettes

Acetone – A flammable, colorless liquid used as a
solvent. It’s one of the active ingredients in nail polish
remover. The tobacco industry refuses to say how
acetone gets into cigarettes.

Ammonia – A colorless, pungent gas. The tobacco
industry says that it adds flavor, but scientists have
discovered that ammonia helps you absorb more
nicotine – keeping you hooked on smoking.

Arsenic – A silvery-white very poisonous chemical
element. This deadly poison is used to make
insecticides, and it is also used to kill gophers and rats.

Benzene – A flammable liquid obtained from coal tar
and used as a solvent. This cancer-causing chemical is
used to make everything from pesticides to detergent to

Butane – A hydrocarbon used as a fuel. Highly
flammable butane is one of the key ingredients in

Formaldehyde – A colorless pungent gas used in
solution as a disinfectant and preservative. It causes
cancer; damages your lungs, skin and digestive system.
Embalmers use it to preserve dead bodies.

Lead – A heavy bluish-gray metallic chemical element.
This toxic heavy metal causes lead poisoning, which
stunts your growth, and damages your brain. It can
easily kill you.

Propylene Glycol – A sweet hygroscopic viscous liquid
used as antifreeze and as a solvent in brake fluid. The
tobacco industry claims they add it to keep cheap
“reconstituted tobacco” from drying out, but scientists
say it aids in the delivery of nicotine (tobaccos active
drug) to the brain.

Turpentine – A colorless volatile oil. Turpentine is very
toxic and is commonly used as a paint thinner.

By now you must be just as horrified as I was. Many people don’t want to quit smoking for whatever reason, but now that you know what is really in the cigarettes you are smoking, make the change to an electric cigarette! You can get the same satisfaction from smoking without introducing all the added toxins to your body.

I suggest making the change to an electric cigarette; get the nicotine that you want without all the harmful toxins!

I found the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette to offer the best feeling of smoking *IT’S JUST WATER VAPOR*. This is meant for adults for it still contains nicotine! Read the Green Smoke Review and see if it’s right for you!

**Credits to Ron Harder for list of toxins.

Interested in Car Auctions? Get a Steal of a Deal

Interested in Car Auctions

For individuals who are in the market to purchase a vehicle, they aren’t always aware of the deals available today by purchasing a car via car auctions. Many government agencies including the FBI and IRS regularly hold these events periodically in an effort to sell slightly used vehicles in their inventory. These vehicles are typically cars that were repossessed or impounded due to criminal activities or even a variety of other reasons from their former owners. No matter the reason for this seizure of vehicles, this situation presents a quality opportunity for those in the market for a new vehicle to take advantage of this opportunity to buy a newer vehicle at a reasonable price. Generally speaking, the majorities of these vehicles is less than three years old and are able to be purchased at a much lower cost than a traditional setting through a dealership or other seller. It is important to note, however, that there are several things to keep in mind when considering the purchase of a vehicle in this setting. Most of the time, there will be no opportunities to test drive a vehicle before purchase. Keeping this in mind, it is important to remember that there are many factors to be aware of in order to avoid some of the potential issues in this situation. Individuals who are interested in pursuing this purchasing opportunity should keep a few tips in mind to find success in this experience.

How to Make a Purchase

How to Make a Purchase

When the vehicles arrive for car auctions, this is an opportunity for individuals to decide which vehicles they wish to purchase. This is also a prime opportunity to do research on a vehicle to determine its worth and develop a strategy for bidding on and purchasing the vehicle. Many websites and other resources such as Kelly Blue Book allow individuals to search for and assess the value of any vehicle on the road today. Figuring this cost out is a great way to determine a maximum amount to pay during the bidding process. It can be difficult to know who else will be bidding on a vehicle, so having a concise plan beforehand is an important task to complete before the auction begins. This is also a good time to look for any damage to the body or other parts of the car, such as the tires or undercarriage. These factors should also be taken into account when deciding on a maximum bidding price for a vehicle.

Consider the Investment

Consider the Investment

While purchasing a vehicle in this type of setting may require more time or legwork, it is a worthwhile venture for many people in the market for a new vehicle. Like almost anything else, there are risks involved in this process but there are also handsome rewards as well. Individuals who approach the experience with common sense and a set limit can reap serious rewards in the long run. Each car auction is different, but it is important to know the type of crowd gathered will set the tone for the buying process and can change from time to time. Most often, individuals interested in reselling vehicles such as dealers will be in attendance to purchase these vehicles and flip them for a profit. Regardless of the reason for buying it is important to enter the experience with a set price and stick to it for the best investment.

In addition the tips listed there are many opportunities for individuals to purchase vehicles during car auctions. There is countless chance to purchase these items at a discounted price to save money or even turn a profit in the long run.

Consumers can find great deals on vehicles at car auctions run through the government. These events are a good opportunity for individuals to purchase slightly used vehicles at a deep discount in an auction setting.

Catnip Ant Repellent

Catnip Ant Repellent

Mint plants might make your breath smell good if you chew on a leaf but having them around may just give you some relief from invading ants. If you’ve ever grown mint plants in your garden or about your yard one thing you may have not noticed is ants crawling nearby or you might not have noticed as many but there were fewer ants in the vicinity.

You could be thanking the mints for their relation to catnip. Both mints and catnip are herbals in the same family.

Catnip a favorite among cats is thought to be a turn off to ants and will send them packing to another location if catnip is sprinkled in their trail to interrupt them. Using catnip to disrupt ants is a natural way to get rid of ants without having a bad interaction with the environment. But if you don’t want to attract cats into the area you might have to limit the exposure of catnip to ants or use a different natural repellent for ants, click this site.

Ant Repellent

You don’t have to grow catnip to get it year round. Cat toys that contain catnip should work to repel the ants as well. Just place the catnip filled toy in the trail of the problem ants. Take the catnip toys with you when you go camping, on picnics or on adventures outdoors. Sit the toys around your food & drinks and where you will be sitting to help keep bothersome ants away.

The catnip might not work for all ants since some ants are more aggressive like the fire ants. And if you don’t have catnip you can try mint to ward ants off. If you are going to use mint try to use natural mint and not candy mint which usually contains sugar, a big attractant for ants.

Catnip and mint do smell different from each other. Mint is more fragrant and aromatic than catnip. Like mint, catnip may be edible to people at least certain parts of the plant but would probably taste bitter since most herbals are bitter tasting.

Catnip is an attractive herb and has relaxing and calming properties. An uptight cat that eats catnip may become settled and undisturbed. Other cats that eat catnip may become sleepy and wouldn’t mind dozing off temporarily with a catnap. Catnip put in water that is heated and turned off before the water boils can emit a fragrance if inhaled that will help insomnia or comfort a person who is tired and may have difficulty in falling asleep. It is relaxing.

Home Detoxification

Home Detoxification

Toxicity is a great problem of the modern society, that is why detoxification products are very popular nowadays. Many companies knew that and tried to gain some money by speculating this problem. That is how many detoxification products appeared on the market. Diet plans, herbs, pills made of herbs, tonics or supplementary pills are usually the ingredients producers recommend for a complete detox patch.

The problem with these kits and programs is the fact that no one can actually prove if they are good or not. Even the producers are in difficulty when they are asked for test compliances. The only way you can know if a product worth its money is the testimony of those who bought and used it. So, before you buy a certain product, be sure that is what you need.


This kind of kits help you eliminate the toxins accumulated in your body. This will also help your immune system to function better due to the regain of energy. It is said that the detoxification process works better than cleansing and even fasting, although these are good methods too. The process is a continuous one, as it supports the body to dispel of toxic substances and should be accompanied by a limitation of ingested toxins.

You should know that the build up of toxins may lead to serious disease s, that will burst out when you are less prepared. That is why you shouldn’t ignore any sign coming from your body, even if we are talking about a change in your learned behavior or abut physical symptoms, such as pain. Sticking to your unhealthy habits and refusing to investigate the causes of your pains may cause serious damages in your body, stagnation and even death.

Avoiding the toxins is almost impossible in the world that we live, and most of the times, the organism can no longer cope with the invasion of toxins. But now there are solutions to this problem, as detoxification home kits are available for almost everyone and represent an easy method of regaining the natural balance of your body.

When they first appear, detoxification kits were thought to be used just for the sake of vanity. Time has proved that this was a misconception, so that you don’t have to feel guilty if you buy such a kit. In fact it is a good thing to use such products that will help to revitalize your body.

Detoxification kits are available now in many forms and concentrations. They are usually made of selected herbs and organic materials that will help you clean your body. There are special purifying kits for every kind of toxin you have ingested. For example, if you are an alcohol drinker you should choose the kit for eliminating alcohol. You should also give up drinking and don’t drink alcohol even if you have finished the detoxification program. You can also use detoxification kits for solving skin problems and treating cellulite. All you have to do is choose the right product for you.

Fishing How To: Keeping Children Interested

Fishing How To Keeping Children Interested

Fishing is one of the greatest pastimes enjoyed by Americans across the country. Every year, millions of people across the country take their family to a pond, stream, or lake in order to teach them the heritage and significance to this great sport. However, as we all know, fishing can be a real bore to some people if there isn’t any action; especially children. So what can we do to introduce children to the sport in a positive light? The following are some tips that can be used to keep your little boy or girl, interested for a life time. To know more about the fishing, read here.

Fish for the right fish- Of course it’s much more exciting to see a 52′ musky tail walking across the surface of the water than it is to have a soft and subtle fight with a bluegill. However, this won’t matter to children as much. Fish for something that can keep them entertained. Bluegills are perfect for this. If bluegill had teeth, mankind wouldn’t be able to swim. I’ve seen bluegill caught off small red cotton balls, and these aggressive critters just can’t resist something smaller on the food chain than themselves.

Fishing How To

Break the silence – Some people enjoy the silence and serenity of nature; to truly sit back and appreciate the sound of a river crashing across the cracks and crevices of its bed. Well here’s the thing, children could really care less for this kind of stuff. They need to remain entertained, so break the silence and share some stories of your childhood.

Try not to fish from a boat – Unless you plan on sitting still. Bluegill and easier to catch fish tend to linger close to the banks. Children with a bobber, a split shot, or just a hook can’t whip a searing cast for 50 feet like you can with your $100 bait casting reel.

Fishing can truly be a memorable experience on any given day. But let’s face it, more often than not, we catch next to nothing. Give your child the best chance of becoming interested at an early age. For example: I was introduced to fishing in a small family owned pond. It was slap full of bluegill and you caught them at nearly every cast. It was experiences like this that kept me entertained and dreaming of possibilities. Have fun and remember, all fishing is, is a jerk on one end, waiting for a jerk on the other!

Benefits of Engaging a Recruitment Consultant

Benefits of Engaging a Recruitment Consultant

Finding employment today is more competitive than ever. The more experienced, educated and prepared applicants trawl through the vacancies online and in newspapers. They are able to identify and apply for the plum roles, leaving others to apply for what is left.

While many people undertake their own job search, it is worth considering the benefits of reputable recruitment agencies.

Knowledge of market & job opportunities

Consultants are in daily contact with employers and generally have a good idea of the job market and what kind of role and salary the applicant can expect. They are able to introduce applicants to vacancies that may not be advertised online or the print media, or make them aware of advertisements they hadn’t seen before. From their experience, they can determine fairly quickly the roles that would be suitable for applicants, depending on their experience and skills.

Fine-tuning resumesExperienced consultants know what employers are looking for in a candidate. They can make recommendations that help candidates highlight their strengths, producing a resume that gives them an an edge over other people going for the same roles. Sometimes the resume only needs a few small changes to produce positive results in the job search.

Assessing strengths/weaknessesThe consultant can help to identify strengths and weaknesses in candidates that can help them with their job search. When a person has become disillusioned with searching through many websites and job classifieds in the newspaper, he may be unable to identify the actual reasons that he has been unsuccessful. Seeking the help of an agency may be just what is necessary to help him move forward with his search and get out of a rut.

ReassuranceWhile recruitment agencies are not a counselling service for distressed jobseekers, they can provide them with reassurance that they are trying to help them find the right job – that they are not alone with this daunting task. Having someone on your side is a tremendous confidence boost.

NegotiationsThose who have been successful in finding work through recruitment agencies find that all the hard work of negotiating sensitive issues such as salary and conditions has been taken care of by the consultant and it becomes easier to focus on the type of work the applicant is looking for.

Of course, there are also pitfalls in engaging a recruitment temp agency. Some people find that with so many people applying for the same roles, they can be forgotten or left behind by consultants who are working to fit other candidates for a role. Sometimes they feel frustrated that the consultant is not working hard enough for them.

Others find that not enough attention is paid by some consultants, looking to fill a vacancy in a hurry, who try to match them will unsuitable roles. It is important to find a recruitment agency where applicants feel comfortable discussing their requirements with their consultant. Communication and honesty are vital in this relationship to find the most suitable role.

Is It Safe to Use A Fan Heater In A Tent?

Is It Safe to Use A Fan Heater In A Tent

You can still camp in the winter half term or even the Easter Holidays. You may need to upgrade your sleeping bag and take a couple of more measures to read about keeping warm when it is freezing in our Winter Camping article. Indeed, even Camping is possible if you are prepared for it.

Tents are designed to keep the rain off and wind out, but they don’t insulate too well especially the cutting edge polyester materials, and so soon get cold. For when it does get chilly, a tent heater is an obvious item to get, but there are a couple of different choices available.

One of the simplest ways to heat your tent is with an electric heater. However, you need to consider safety and such a force supply is available at the campsite. To use an electric heater in your tent, you’ll need to book a pitch at a campsite that provides electric snare ups.

Fan Heater In A Tent

However, if you’re not familiar with it, you may be disappointed to learn that you can’t simply take an extension cable from home and module a large electric radiator, as EHUs require a special electrical fitting and may be limited to only 5amps of electricity.

When using an electric hook-up you should use the right fitting with a built-in circuit breaker. Accidents and fatalities do happen each year by individuals trying to save a couple of pounds and using power string extensions from home.

Most campers will use a small electric fan heater to warm their tent, but it needs to be one that will chip away at the campsite’s capacity supply, which is much short of what you would have at home.


  • Can heat the tent relatively quickly
  • Lightweight and small so easy to transport
  • Cheap to purchase
  • Can lessen condensation inside the tent

With many family tents having separate rooms, the impact of the warm air breeze is also decreased.

heater can help diminish

On the in addition to side, they are small and easy to transport. Also, the warm air coming out of the heater can help diminish or forestall the build-up of condensation on the inside of the tent, which can be an issue on chilly mornings. If you decide to get a fan heater, make sure you get one with an automatic cut out if it gets too hot. Many families decide not to risk leaving the fan heater on during that time for fear that it could catch fire if it overheats. They are safest used to take the chill off before bed and first thing in the morning. Make sure you position the heater off the ground, simply in case your tent gets a leak and the electric heater winds up sitting in water. Also, place it away from the sides of the tent, where the wind could push it over, and not very near the thin fabric of your inner tent. Yes, it might be safe to use but make sure get the right heater. To get more info about using the heater in a tent, you can scroll more to buy the precise heater model.

How to Repair Shoe Insole?

How to Repair Shoe Insole

When it comes to change or repair the shoe insole you have to focus on the ball of the foot. Here is a quick and cheap guide that you can follow to repair the shoe insole As quickly as possible. Now you do not need to repair the shoe insole for a long time. All you need this mentioned equipment to repair the shoe insole-

  • Cutting knife or scissor
  • Replacement insole
Repair Shoe Insole

First of all, you have to cut the bottom of the insole. Cut the bottom half of the troublesome install or you can place on the top of the rest of the install to cut around.

Now you have to put it inside the shoe.

There is a need to put the new soul inside the shoe or hopefully you can repair the shoe insole.

These steps are helpful to repair the shoe insole with no doubt. If you still are not able to repair the shoe insole, you can go to professionals. Sometimes, they advise you to repair the shoe insole rightly.


  • Before you begin the resole process you need to flatten the shoe soles. There is a need to grind the source flat with the sender or you can do it by a trick. Once the insole is Flat and, you have enough time to do for the next step.
  • Once you purchase the sole material you can trace the shoe on the sole material or it is very close to the base of the shoe that could be very ideal. The closer is better because you can cut around the outline to place the new insole to your shoe.
  • With a tool, you can start to cut the insole or it can leave the extra material around the edges.
  • One can get some kind of cement glue that could be great for placing the insole inside the place. The smile might be strong in so it’s Paramount to follow the right instructions that are mentioned on the label.
  • The next step to apply the Glue or you can place the Glue on the new and old part of the shoe. When the Glue is it is the time to attach the new and old part of the shoe.
  • One more step to follow is to line up the shoe to the sole material. Make sure it is line-up carefully before you place it together.
  • Once you placed the insole rightly, you can feel the new and improved insole.
  • When it is about to go or a start hunting cut of the unwanted material in, you can be squeezed together on the edges. One can squeeze the material together on the edges or in check out it is tight and secure. To provide the extra finish to the touch, you can sand the edges of the shoe.

If you still have some doubts or you want to clarify how to repair shoe insole you can visit fair-news.de/2808521/mindinsole-test-meinungen-und-preis-sind-die-einlegesohlen-ihr-geld-wert.  Here you can get all the information about repaired the shoe insole with no doubt.

What Are The Features of A Smartwatch?

What Are The Features of A Smartwatch

Everyone who loves to use the smartwatch knows that it is quite a convenient gadget. It is because smartwatches completely changed this technology industry. Nowadays many companies are focusing on providing specific types of smartwatch which is compatible with different features.

You can find smartwatches which comes to the health and navigation system. These types of things help not only with your fitness but also ensure that you will get better results with your work.

You can leave apply smartwatches for different purposes. You must understand the latest features available in some of the new and modern smartwatches.

Provide Improved Navigation Features

Provide Improved Navigation Features

One thing that you’ll find extremely useful about the smartwatches that it comes to the navigation system. It means that you can easily use these smartwatches to find a way if you are at a new place.

For instance, if you move to a new city then you can easily use your smartwatch value of going for a run. This way you won’t lose track of a location and ensure that you can easily find your way back to your home.

Helpful In Finding Smartphones

Smartwatches are also helpful in finding your smartphone. As you already know that most people find it difficult to keep track of their smartphones all the time. If you keep your smartphone on silent and you might not be able to track by drinking it.

Well, the smartwatch comes with a special feature in which you can easily turn on the ringing feature in your smartphone if it is connected. It is quite a great way by which you can keep track of your smartphone tablet or any other gadgets.

Easily Use It As A Fitness Tracker

Easily Use It As A Fitness Tracker

Many people also use smartwatches as a fitness tracker. As you already know that you will have the smartwatch with you all time full support hue help in monitoring your heart rate and other things.

It can also learn how many calories you burn after a rigorous workout. These things will be extremely helpful in ensuring that you can get the best results.

Smartwatch Is Considered As A Mini Smartphone

The smartwatch is also known as a mini smartphone. It is because you’ll find almost all the features of a smartphone in a smartwatch. It is one of the coolest gadgets out there and you can easily utilize it. You can check out emailmeform.com/builder/emf/Al512/koretrak-beoordelingen. You can make calls, send text, listen to music, give commands to your smart home system, and do various other things by using a smartwatch. It is a small gadget which is filled with all the incredible features.

Control Your Smart Home With The Smartwatch

When you have a smart home system then you might want to control it easily. You might not be able to track your smartphone in your house as you might have left it in your bedroom other rooms.

It means that you can easily use the smartphone to give commands to your smart home systems. This will help ensure that you can control everything without any issues.

A Smartwatch is Like Your Personal Assistant

A Smartwatch is Like Your Personal Assistant

The users can also find out about the personal assistant feature in the smartwatch. It is quite convenient as you can expect the best results by using the smartwatch.

So it is one of the things which will help ensure that you can get the best results when you are using your smartwatch.

If you enjoy all these incredible features in a smartwatch. You must spend some time to visit emailmeform.com/builder/emf/Al512/koretrak-beoordelingen and get all the information about the latest smartwatch and technologies. Such things will help you to keep yourself up to date regarding new things. These things will only help you get a great result. If you love new gadgets and technology, these smartwatches will surely be incredible to try on.

How Do You Use A Smartwatch For The First Time?

How Do You Use A Smartwatch For The First Time

Smartwatches are the new thing today. They do something much other than showing the time. They can have various applications and can do various valuable things like alarm you when your mobile phone rings. Despite the fact that they have separate working frameworks and processors, smartwatches are mostly implied as an accomplice to smartphones, similar to the KoreTrak smartwatch. KoreTrak was one of the initial organizations to bring this wearable electronic gadget into our lives and on our skin. These days you will see individuals wearing what gives off an impression of being typical watches on their wrists. You shouldn’t be amazed if such an embellishment really shows something other than the time. It could in all likelihood be a smart wellness tracker. What’s more, perhaps the following best thing after a fitness coach.

Smartwatch For The Beginners

Smartwatch For The Beginners

Numerous wearables for wellness coaches are right now flooding the market. It’s sheltered to state that practically every one of them has the essentials like an exercise update, a calorie counter, a pedometer, to give some examples. While there are these brands that assume a colossal part in this industry, for example, the spearheading Fit bit and the tech heavyweight Apple, there is one new expansion to town that numerous who have attempted state is probably the best item if not the best out there to keep your wellbeing and wellness on target.

KoreTrak is a promising brand of wellness following smartwatch that does precisely what it is called it tracks your wellness and yet more than that. This KoreTrak smartwatch is not normal for other following groups that make bogus cases about what their item can do. You can discover more about the smartwatch on the website of KoreTrak.

Do You Know Things About The Smartwatch?

A portion of these watches that have been as of late dispatched can do plenty of intriguing things. They can take pictures, give you driving headings, and significantly more. maybe the most helpful use of a smartwatch is understanding messages and messages from your wrist. These gadgets associate with your tab or smartphone through Bluetooth and access the applications in that. Also, they are anything but difficult to utilize and have various applications as well. In the event that you are fortunate, you may even get one of these wearable gadgets that really sports a cool camera.

How Valuable Are Smartwatches?

How Valuable Are Smartwatches

You may ask yourself the inquiry for what reason do you truly require these watches. All things considered, you have your own smartphone It is about accommodation and how much simpler it is to deal with these smartwatches. You simply wear them and disregard them. Also, with the great battery life they accompany today, you without a doubt can do significantly more with them than you can do with your smartphone. Another use of these watches is tracking your exercises. For instance, after the finish of an exercise, information can be transferred onto a PC or sent online to make a log of activity exercises for examination.

History of the festival

The Teddington River Festival is a community event encompassing the Annual Teddington RNLI Lifeboat Station Open Day.


The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) provides, on call, a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service and a seasonal lifeguard service throughout the UK. With 236 stations and an active fleet of 330 lifeboats the RNLI rescues around 22 people per day. The Teddington Lifeboat Station, manned entirely by volunteers, is one of 4 stations along the Thames which collectively launched their lifeboats a total of 884 times last year rescuing 270 people. Teddington was ranked the 21st busiest station out of the 236 stations.

Thames Boat Project (TBP)

The River Thames Boat Project is a registered charity that gives people of all ages the chance to access the Thames, to discover this fascinating river, and to learn more about its environment. The specially adapted community barge, the Thames Venturer, provides day and residential cruises for people of all ages and abilities from its berth in Kingston upon Thames, and is also used as a floating classroom by local schools. The River Thames Boat Project runs five programmes including: day and residential cruises for people with physical disabilities.

Twickenham Sea Cadets (TSC)

The Twickenham Sea Cadets are part of the UK’s oldest nautical youth charity. Established in 1854 the first Sea Cadet unit at Whitstable in Kent, gave young people instruction on a naval theme. Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the Unit Headquarters.

The tradition of community-based Sea Cadet Units continues today with 400 across the UK each with charitable status enabling them to raise funds to meet their running costs.

'A Thames View'

‘A Thames View’ Photography Competition sponsored by MAA Architects, Outerspace Limited and The Flying Cloud Café

Thank you to everyone who took part and our congratulations to the winning entries.


How to find us

From Teddington:

  • By rail: From Teddington Station turn left onto Station Road. At Teddington High Street turn right and continue through to the end of Ferry Road
  • By bus: The bus routes 281, 285, R33 and R68 stop at the Teddington Lock stop which is 200m walk from Teddington Lock
  • By car: There is limited street parking available in the residential roads north of the Kingston and Twickenham Roads



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