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5 Other Apps Like Instagram

5 Other Apps Like Instagram

The week that Facebook bought Instagram, for 1000 million dollars (more than 700 million euros), many users are worried about the future of application.

The Instragram is a free application for smartphones that lets you take pictures, customize them with filters and margins, and then share them with other users, placing them at various sites. Is the application for sharing photos of the most popular App Store and works as a social network images.

Although Mark Zuckerberg has said that you do not want Facebook “swallow” the Instagram and committed itself to “doing Instagram grow as an independent company,” many are apprehensive about buying the application by the company that owns the social network known in the world, go to website.

For those looking for other options for photo applications, ABC News suggests a set of five alternatives.

1. Camera+

The Camera + is an application similar to a digital camera, which allows the user to define the characteristics of pictures taken. You can control the exposure and focus by touching the screen, using a grid to control the environment and a flash as fill light. It also has additional features that include a digital zoom that magnifies the image up to 6x, exposure modes (sunset, sunset, night portrait, etc.), stabilizer, timer and an option to quickly take sequences of several shots in a row.

The application also provides filters that allow you to change the color of the photo, give it an air of “retro” or profit. A major advance is the sharpening tool, which analyzes the photos and adjust them to give them more detail and color balance.

The application gathers further sharing options similar to Instagram, which allow you to upload photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Email.

The Camera + is available on iTunes for 75 cents.

2. Diptic

The Diptic allows the user to join and combine multiple images to create montages and share them with friends. Mounts can gather photos from Facebook and Flickr, as well as photos of the phone itself.

The application offers 52 different models for the collages of photographs and, if you do not want to customize the settings of the assembly, even the application selects a random model. Photos can be customized by changing the brightness, contrast and saturation.

You can share assemblies with high-resolution on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous and any application that accepts a format picture. JPG.

3. Hipstamatic

The Hipstamatic is a popular photo application that allows users to add filters to your photos, making them unique. The application lets you change the saturation, blur and discoloration, change pages, flashes, among other effects. It also provides additional effects, the “hipstapaks”, which cost 75 cents per photo.
There is a monthly contest that gives prizes to the best “hipstaprits” photos in custom application. You can share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram or e-mail. The Hipstamatic is available on iTunes for 1.50 euros.

4. ShakeItPhoto

The ShakeItPhoto brings back the time of the Polaroid. With this application, the user easily by taking a picture or choose one of the photos already, to see her form in the screen like a Polaroid. You can shake the image to help the process to become faster, and uses “perfect processing technology” for quality Polaroid.

You can share photos by uploading directly to Facebook or sending images via e-mail. The ShakeItPhoto is available on iTunes for 1.50 euros.

5.Camera Zoom FX

Finally, ABC News would like to apply Camera ZOOM FX, which promises to offer the user all the possible features related to photography. The camera can take 10 pictures per second and has several capture modes, including sequential shots and “time lapse”.

The stabilizer looks at the device status and expected to be more stable to get a better picture. The application also has a large set of editing tools, a tool assembly and a built-in voice, which can be activated for group photos.

It also provides a tool “Buddy,” which lets you add photos to a famous face, or change the size and position of the photos.

You can share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Email. Camera ZOOM FX also allows uploading of all these sites at once and is available on Google Android Play for 2.30 euros.

5 Other Apps Like Instagram
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