Teddington River Festival

Teddington River Festival and Teddington RNLI Lifeboat Station


Why Are Jokes Funny?

Jokes are funny for a variety of reasons, rooted in psychological, cognitive, and social factors. The humor in jokes often arises from incongruities, surprise, and the unexpected, leading to a pleasurable and sometimes even cathartic response. Let’s delve into some key reasons why jokes elicit laughter and amusement. Incongruity and Surprise At the heart of […]

Reasons Why You Should Travel

Traveling opens your mind to different cultures and people. It breaks down stereotypes and makes you a better global citizen. Without experiencing the culture, you’ll never know how different life is. Seeing the kindness of strangers makes you realize we are not all that different. Traveling also helps you meet people you’d never otherwise meet. […]

What Do Kids Learn From Card Games?

What do kids learn from card games? Children enjoy playing Go Fish and shouting “Go Fish!” when they make a mistake. This game encourages persistence and learning the value of money and time. It also fosters communication and negotiation skills. It also helps develop strategic thinking. It’s a great way to get kids involved in […]

What Does Circuit Training Improve?

Circuit training is a type of training where you want to improve your strength by performing several different exercises back-to-back with little rest in between. Circuit training workout will build your all-around fitness, helps to improve strength, and increase your immune and stamina. The circuit training is the perfect and excellent way to improve your […]

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