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The Underground World of Internet Meme Humor and Satire

Internet Meme Humor and Satire

The world of Internet culture has its own language, protocol and website cliques. An Internet meme is a single image that provides satire. A common Internet meme is a satirical approach at the motivational posters seen in businesses and corporate offices. Internet memes are often used to represent celebrities after iconic mistakes such as the incident with Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Memes are virally popular images, which take up email messages, domain names, and they are posted on several online forums.


Origin of the Meme

The term “meme” was introduced in a 1976 pop-science book entitled The Selfish Gene. The book was authored by Richard Dawkins. The meme was a viral entity that spread from human to human. The meme was able to evolve and change as it passed to different people. Just like the satirical images that spread on the Internet, a meme can last for only a few days or it can perpetuate for years. One Internet meme that continues to evolve and persist is the image of cats, which are termed “LOLcats” online. The Internet meme considered the first to propagate across the Internet was the dancing baby, even seen in television shows such as Ally McBeal,Visit our website for fruitful information about internet meme right now.

The Start and Propagation of Memes

The website 4chan is known as the central point for meme creation. 4chan is an image board started by the head administrator named “moot.” The group of people who originate Internet memes are in the section of 4chan labeled “/b/.” /b/ creates the memes, which are then picked up by other generation websites. The 4chan group is known as a rude, crude Internet sensation. Moot even made Time Magazine Most Influential People finalist in 2009.

Meme generation sites such as Know Your Meme, Encyclopedia Dramatica and Meme Generator continue to propagate the 4chan memes to the Internet. As more people read the meme image, it evolves into different pop culture icons and textual content. Websites such as the Meme Generator provide templates for the most popular memes, and allow users to create their own within minutes. These Internet memes – although crude and considered obscene – are a part of the culture that shapes online activity and personalities. Many memes insult and shock people, but the images shown and the text displayed are witty, interesting and even make people laugh.

The Underground World of Internet Meme Humor and Satire
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