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Technology for the Work Place

Technology for the Work Place

It seems that with every new day there is an up-to-the-minute technological product announced. All around us, ideas are being innovated and created to improve our everyday functions. No longer is work information saved into the one monitor and modem sitting in your office cubicle; now a days we are accessing material from any computer, any cell phone, at any time. There is even this fresh, hip term that has budded from the phenomenon: the cloud. The cloud is no longer just a mass of water vapor in the sky; in fact, when searched online, cloud brings up a majority of storage related stories. So what exactly does this once meteorological word mean?

The cloud, quite simply, is a place to store information and connect one another over the internet. Cloud computing is completely evolving the way we store material and communicate, by improving speed, reducing cost, and upgrading performance. With all that said, it pretty much becomes a necessity for all companies and work environments. Together coworkers can interact with and share business data easily and securely. Soon all of us will be using this so-called cloud in the work place, school, and in our personal lives.

One cloud-esque product for your company is Hologram; made to connect your business, people, partners and content in one place. Communication through email is a thing of the past. On software such as Oogwave, you save more time and can ultimately achieve more by utilizing collaboration. Email has offered multi-line communication and has broken the barrier of geography, but it’s Oogwave that offers inside and outside sharing. This way you can have team work on multiple private groups within the company, but also share externally to collaborate with outside partners.

The main selling point for the cloud is that possibilities seem endless. While using Oogwave software, you can sync and connect at anytime from anywhere. One customer from Spain puts it in layman’s terms, “Oogwave has simply helped us reduce the time from a new idea to call to action to execution. It has helped us tremendously in managing and accelerating innovation within.” While once we were emailing files and folders to one another as attachments, we can now keep all collaborators, information, content and processes in one single spot. What better for a company than a place to monitor, control, and improve material from a multitude of directions?

Technology for the Work Place
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