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The Whatsapp Revolution

The Whatsapp revolution

The Whatsapp revolution. In today’s world, to stay in touch with your loved ones is becoming important day by day and thanks to various kinds of technological advancements which are making it possible. People now have various better and improved methods for communicating with other people. Earlier people use to send MMS or SMS to their loved ones who are far from them and which use to cost lot of money to them. But, one app known as WhatsApp has made it possible to send unlimited free messages to all the people who are far from you.

This particular app permits cross-platform association and is completely compatible with Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Apple and Android phones. If you are new to this app then you must know that you can download WhatsApp application from its official site and browse the downloading page to select the app in accordance with your operating system. You can get WhatsApp for iphone as well as WhatsApp for android phones. After downloading the app you just have to install it and start using it immediately. It automatically scans the various contacts available on your phone and gives you full information about which contact is using WhatsApp. It not only allows you unlimited free messaging but also enables you to send pictures, audio and video clips to your friends.

Download Whatsapp

So, now no more day to day spending of money on MMS or SMS is gone because you have WhatsApp. But it is mandatory to have an internet connection in your mobile be it 3G or Wi-Fi connection because without that it will not function. Well, you can use this app for absolutely free for the initial year but after that you will have to spend $0.99 for its usage on continuous basis. This is perfectly in your budget because it is much more economical compared to your annual charges for sending MMS and SMS. At the same time, there is no word limit or it has infinite word count contrasting from the regular SMS which has a limit of characters which can be used.

For the first time, when this WhatsApp was first introduced to the people, many were very happy to able to use it as it gave them an ultimate experience of free messaging with instant service. It not only made the communicating with other people much easier with an easy installation process. This particular app is going to make a lot of positive impact on messaging service in coming future because lot of new updates are coming regularly in it. At the same time, various additional features are also getting added into it. In coming future, the voice messaging function is going to improve and will surely change the way people send messages to their relatives and friends. So, it can be treated as the most reliable app for sending audio, pictures and video files to your buddies or colleagues with any kind of hassle.

So, download WhatsApp and enjoy the new world of instant and free unlimited messaging service at your doorstep.

The Whatsapp Revolution
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