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Lucid Dreaming FAQ: An Introduction to Lucid Dreams

An Introduction to Lucid Dreams

This official lucid dreaming FAQ for beginners explains the concept of lucid dreams; to be conscious inside the unconscious dream world. Learn how to have lucid dreams and what to expect in the topsy turvy world of lucid dreaming.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

What is Lucid Dreaming

A lucid dream begins when a dreamer “wakes up” inside a dream. It can happen spontaneously, caused by the realization that the dream is not real, or induced from a waking state, as practiced in Tibetan Dream Yoga. With practice, a lucid dreamer can read this post here how to have lucid dreams on demand and take complete control of their dream environment.

The result is a conscious dream; a dream where every detail suddenly appears authentic, just as in real life. The sun in the sky feels warm. The sand underfoot feels smooth. The air in the atmosphere feels fresh. And that is why lucid dreams are so compelling – they offer an alternate reality world, where anything is possible.

What Are Reality Checks?

Reality checks are an easy lucid dreaming technique for beginners. Throughout the day, perform several reality checks – like trying to float or fly, looking at the time (clocks are often distorted in dreams) or pushing a hand through a solid object. In time, this will occur by habit inside a dream, and trigger the conscious realization necessary for lucidity.

How to Stay Lucid For Longer?

How to Stay Lucid For Longer

Many people learning how to have lucid dreams are so excited by their first conscious dream experience, that they wake up in shock and awe. So the key to making lucidity last longer is staying calm and maintaining awareness of the dream.

Research by Dr Stephen LaBerge at The Lucidity Institute revealed there are specific ways to engage the conscious brain and make lucid dreams last longer, including:

  • Rubbing the hands together
  • Spinning around on the spot
  • Saying “clarity now!”
  • Doing some simple maths
  • Recalling a lucid dream intention

Do Lucid Dream Machines Work?

There are several popular lucid dream machines on the market, including the NovaDreamer, REM Dreamer and Dream Maker. They all work on the same principle of using infra-red technology to detect Rapid Eye Movement (REM) then flashing lights through the closed eyelids. These lights are incorporated into the dream world and often remind the dreamer to become lucid.

Lucid dream machines do work well, provided the dreamer can sleep comfortably with the mask on, practice regular reality checks, and train themselves to look for flashing light triggers in dreams. Soon they will be able to induce lucid dreams on demand.

What Other Tools For Lucidity Are There?

There are many ways to learn how to have lucid dreams, beyond mental techniques like meditation and self hypnosis. These include dream herbs, essential oils and binaural beats CDs. Learn more about all these techniques and more at the World of Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming FAQ: An Introduction to Lucid Dreams
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