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Catnip Ant Repellent

Catnip Ant Repellent

Mint plants might make your breath smell good if you chew on a leaf but having them around may just give you some relief from invading ants. If you’ve ever grown mint plants in your garden or about your yard one thing you may have not noticed is ants crawling nearby or you might not have noticed as many but there were fewer ants in the vicinity.

You could be thanking the mints for their relation to catnip. Both mints and catnip are herbals in the same family.

Catnip a favorite among cats is thought to be a turn off to ants and will send them packing to another location if catnip is sprinkled in their trail to interrupt them. Using catnip to disrupt ants is a natural way to get rid of ants without having a bad interaction with the environment. But if you don’t want to attract cats into the area you might have to limit the exposure of catnip to ants or use a different natural repellent for ants, click this site.

Ant Repellent

You don’t have to grow catnip to get it year round. Cat toys that contain catnip should work to repel the ants as well. Just place the catnip filled toy in the trail of the problem ants. Take the catnip toys with you when you go camping, on picnics or on adventures outdoors. Sit the toys around your food & drinks and where you will be sitting to help keep bothersome ants away.

The catnip might not work for all ants since some ants are more aggressive like the fire ants. And if you don’t have catnip you can try mint to ward ants off. If you are going to use mint try to use natural mint and not candy mint which usually contains sugar, a big attractant for ants.

Catnip and mint do smell different from each other. Mint is more fragrant and aromatic than catnip. Like mint, catnip may be edible to people at least certain parts of the plant but would probably taste bitter since most herbals are bitter tasting.

Catnip is an attractive herb and has relaxing and calming properties. An uptight cat that eats catnip may become settled and undisturbed. Other cats that eat catnip may become sleepy and wouldn’t mind dozing off temporarily with a catnap. Catnip put in water that is heated and turned off before the water boils can emit a fragrance if inhaled that will help insomnia or comfort a person who is tired and may have difficulty in falling asleep. It is relaxing.

Catnip Ant Repellent
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