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Cloud VPS to be the most Sought-After IT Service

Cloud VPS to be the most Sought-After IT Service

IT specialists predict that 2011 is going to be the year of the Cloud. To explain, Cloud hosting is a specialized system bound to become the most used hosting service for small and medium-sized online businesses that need reliable services for their affairs. Real VPS is the company which provides Cloud hosting services of the highest quality. After careful analyzing and assessing of the features that Cloud hosting presents, IT experts have reached the conclusion that Real VPS meets the broadest range of needs in terms of trustworthiness, security, flexibility and cost-efficiency. Consequently, because its’ high technology is applicable for the businesses of so many clients, it is only natural that Cloud hosting will get to experience the highest growth levels of all the hosting systems available.

Cloud hosting

Cloud VPS is using the technology of a network of physical computers whose corroborated power ensures the scalability attribute of this kind of hosting service. This way, no matter how high, low or fluctuating your traffic might be, Real VPS has got you covered, so that your website and business will not be caught by surprise. Consequently, you will never miss a business opportunity ever again. If your business blooms, you are given the opportunity to upgrade to more than one Cloud server. On the other hand, should your business experience fewer visitors, there is always the possibility to downgrade to a smaller bandwidth or to fewer Cloud virtual private servers.

The unique feature of Cloud hosting that basically just mesmerizes anyone who is thinking about switching to a Cloud VPS is the self-healing technology. Virtually, self-healing involves the guarantee that the hosting services provided by Real VPS will never crash or fail, even though an individual Cloud server might experience troubles or failures. This is because the errors are immediately found and quarantined while the work loads are transferred to the other machines in the network. Because each individual physical computer is able to run multiple operating systems which can be separately booted, the highly unlikely errors will most definitely be resolved in the blink of an eye.

Cloud VPS facilities offered

If you are wondering about the prices and strains on nature that Cloud hosting may presume, you can rest assured. Cloud VPS facilities offered by Real VPS are green and will save you up to almost half of the amount you would regularly pay for hosting services. The reason behind this is a simple concept called “electricity saving”. The savings are done because more than one operating systems and, therefore, clients are allowed to run on the same Cloud server. Usually, a server only uses a tiny fraction of its’ resources and electric capacities to host a website. Real VPS does not allow the tiniest bit of electric energy to be wasted, thus saving your business thousands of dollars each year, money that can easily be reinvested in more burning issues. If you did not go Cloud yet, you should really consider Real VPS and experience on your own all the great things that everyone is talking about!

Cloud Hosting Comes with more than 150 Operating System Template Options

Real VPS is the epitome of flexibility and accessibility. The Cloud hosting network has been set up so as to match any requirements and please as many clients as possible. Real VPS platform comes in its’ help with even further additions. At the disposal of the clients is put a comprehensive and extensive control panel complete with a dashboard which allows them to upgrade, downgrade, reinstall, restore to previous versions and, most importantly, apply operating system templates to their virtual private servers. Real VPS offers over 150 choices of operating system templates for both Windows and Linux and also for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. All of them are pre-built, found in the dashboard and applicable with just a few simple mouse clicks. The Real VPS clients interested in the Cloud hosting services available can choose from a wide range of operating system selections, which include CentOS, ClearOS, CloudLinux, Elastix, Gentoo, Redhat, Ubuntu, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7. In addition, some templates such as Linux Apache, Linux LAMP, Linux MySQL ,Linux OpenVZ, Linux cPanel, Linux Pre-Hardened Installs, Linux Antispam & OpenVPN, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS & DNS, Joomla, WordPress and Ruby on Rails are included in the above operating systems which Real VPS Cloud hosting offers.


The Real VPS Cloud hosting solution is ideal for any user interested in having his or her website hosted on a Cloud server. Nowadays, a business owner or a web developer does not have to choose the hosting services provider according to what operating system they use. Real VPS offers more than 150 operating system templates to be made use of by any client. In this regard, CloudLinux is a Cloud hosting ready operating system. In addition, it is the first Cloud VPS ready operating system which is commercially fit to take care of all the needs and requirements that web hosting may present. Among the features that recommend CloudLinux usage for Cloud hosting, perhaps the fact that the tenants of any Cloud server are isolated from each other so that everyone is secure is the most important aspect. Moreover, the easiness and speed with which converting from CentOS or RHEL is done, the 24/7 free of charge commercial support and assistance for the clients and also the rapidness to release security patches with the aim of preserving the safety of every client are the attributes that make CloudLinux a powerful, reliable and desirable operating system. If you have not tried it yet, waste no time! This is the Real VPS solution, on all accounts!

Cloud VPS to be the most Sought-After IT Service
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