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How can I Download Whatsapp Application

How can I Download Whatsapp Application

Are you a new user of android mobile phone? You may know about Facebook messenger and other social media platforms. But the fastest and most using app on mobile phones nowadays is Whatsapp.

It provides you with various features that make it possible for you to connect with others with great ease. You can share your videos, documents, and picture and can audio and video call your friends. If you want a conference video call, there is no best option other than Whatsapp.

There are two versions of Whatsapp applications; one is for individuals, while the other is the business version.

We will here provide you complete guidelines about how to download Whatsapp business and individual version.

Stay here on our page with us and know about how can I download the Whatsapp application?

Whatsapp Individual Version:

Whatsapp Individual Version

Whatsapp individual version is free, and it provides you with a lot of features. You can share videos, message chat, connect with friends by video or audio call, can upload your status and pictures.

How to download and Install?

We provide you easy steps that will assist you in downloading that version and installing it on your device.

• First of all, visit the Google play store.
• Search about the application by entering Whatsapp in the search bar.
• The application will appear; now click on the download option.
• When you press the download button, it will start downloading.
• Now you wait till the completion of the download.
• When the download completes, it will automatically start installing on your device.
• Once you have found its application icon on your screen, it means you have to download and install it.
• Now click on the app; it will require your registration with the app.
• Enter your mobile number and press the next button.
• You will receive a code for verification on your mobile phone.
• Enter the code, and it will enter you into the app.
• Now you can set your profile picture and write your name.
• There is also an option by “about” where you can write about yourself.
• Now you can chat and share your videos with anyone. You have done everything.

Whatsapp Business Version:

Whatsapp Business Version

Whatsapp Business is a new version of WhatsApp and is designed for small businesses. This app will help you connect with your business partners, suppliers, and customers easily and quickly.

You can add information to your WhatsApp profile and can guide your customers about your business. Its profile feature makes you write about your business name, address, and the timings of opening and closing.

For customers ease, it connects your business address with Google map, making it easy for the remote people to locate you quickly. The fantastic thing about this version is that it is also a free version.

How to download and Install?

There is not much difference between both versions except a few steps. Follow the same steps as for the above version except for these two steps.

• First, different steps are that, while you enter the Google play store search by entering the WhatsApp business instead of WhatsApp.
• While the second is that while you are making your profile, you can set your business’s details, such as its address, name, and opening and closing schedules of your business.

Final Thoughts:

You have read our article how can I download Whatsapp application? We researched deeply to provide you with essential details in easy language for your better understanding. Visit here: https://www.sistemasrapidos.com.br/gbwhatsapp/.

We hope you have understood about WhatsApp, its versions, and how to download and install them with your devices.

How can I Download Whatsapp Application
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