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How to Become a Luxury Hotel Photographer

How to Become a Luxury Hotel Photographer

Many people in charge of hotel marketing are reluctant to hire a professional photographer. They may see other hotel photos and think, “Anyone can take those.”

Although it looks effortless, luxury hotel photography is a skill that requires years of training. The following tips will help you become a successful luxury hotel photographer: Build a Strong Portfolio.

Focus on the Details

Focus on the Details

When it comes to luxury hotel photography, every detail matters. Whether it’s an up-close shot of a flower or a wide shot of the hotel’s architecture, your photos should be visually stunning and communicate a sense of luxury.

Experienced hotel photographers know how to highlight the details that make a property stand out. They’ll take a close look at the exterior architecture and landscaping, as well as any special amenities the hotel offers.

They’ll also consider the mood the hotel should convey. Depending on the brand, this might mean highlighting urban elegance, sophisticated luxury, or vintage glamour. They’ll design shots that embody the mood of the hotel, enticing viewers to book their stay. Achieving this is a challenge for many photographers, but it’s essential when it comes to showcasing the unique qualities of a luxury hotel.

Take a Complete Shot List

Having an eye for detail and the ability to capture unique images is one of the most important aspects of hotel photography. A good hotel photographer can take a wide shot of the room and then focus on details to create an image that will entice potential guests.

It is also helpful to know your audience and what type of shots they would be interested in seeing. This can help you determine what types of shots to take and when.

A detailed shot list will help the photographer stay on track and keep everyone informed during the shoot. It should include all locations planned for the day and scheduled breaks. The shot list will provide structure to the shoot but it shouldn’t limit creativity from the photographer.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

A good photographer will understand that hotel photography requires a lot of collaboration with their client. They will be able to work with makeup artists, stylists and art directors to make the entire shoot seamless. They can also help with casting and finding models to feature in the photos.

Stunning hospitality photos are crucial for hotels and resorts to market themselves. A great photographer will know how to capture the essence of a hotel in a photo, catching the attention of travellers before they even blink their eyes.

A luxury hotel photographer needs to have a strong portfolio of images and a solid understanding of the hospitality industry. They need to have a style and niche that sets them apart from the competition, and they need to stay on top of the latest trends in photography and technology.

Ask for Referrals

Luxury hotels have a distinct personality that is different from the vibes of a bed and breakfast. Photographers have to convey this via their shots.

A good photographer will know how to frame photos that highlight the staff. They may frame a picture of a valet expertly handling a guest’s vehicle or a concierge helping a couple choose where to dine for their vacation.

They will also make sure to capture the hotel’s amenities. They could include photos of a tennis court, Michelin star restaurant, or spa. A photographer might even incorporate the hotel logo into their images. A hotel wants to be seen as luxurious and upscale, so these details can help them get noticed by potential guests. In addition, a hotel will want to have a quick turnaround on their final images. This is one reason why it’s important to ask for referrals from previous clients!

Look for Experience

Look for Experience

When you’re searching for a luxury hotel photographer, look for one with experience in the specific genre of photography your property needs. If you need photos of food, people/lifestyle, or drone aerial, choose a photographer who has done these types of shots before.


A hotel photographer with experience will understand the importance of a certain type of lighting and composition techniques. They will know how to create a mood with their shots by using the rule of thirds and leading lines, as well as understand color theory. They will also be able to capture the essence of the hotel and its unique amenities in their photos. This is important because the purpose of hospitality photography is to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

How to Become a Luxury Hotel Photographer
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