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How to Find a Great Babysitter

How to Find a Great Babysitter

When you’re shopping for a new baseball glove, you probably ask your friends whose kids play for recommendations. This same principle applies when you’re looking for a babysitter.

Ask your friends for recommendations, and check with community groups or churches for names. Once you’ve narrowed your options, interview candidates and call references.

1. Know What You Want

When interviewing candidates, you’ll want to talk about their past experience and what types of activities they enjoy doing with kids. You can also ask them questions like, “What would you do if a child had a fever or started to feel sick?” This will give you an idea of how they respond in emergency situations and if they’re confident in their ability to take care of children.

It’s also important to discuss your expectations when it comes to pay. Be upfront about what you’re willing to pay and avoid giving sitters the opportunity to offer an unreasonable rate that you won’t be able to afford.

Make sure your หาพี่เลี้ยงเด็ก¸ knows the ins and outs of your home, including any quirks (e.g., your toddler’s favorite toys and songs, the best way to soothe him when he cries, or that he only eats whole grapes). You should also show them where you keep all of your emergency supplies and any other things they might need to know while you’re away.

2. Make Sure They’re Qualified

When hiring someone to be in your home with your children, it is important that you know the person has the necessary qualifications. This means ensuring that they have first aid and CPR training, and understanding what to do in certain emergency situations.

You also want to make sure that the sitter is qualified to work with your children, based on their age and temperament. This can be determined by interviewing them and doing a trial run. You can invite them over for dinner and a movie, to get familiar with your children and see how they interact with them.

It is also important to ask a potential sitter for references, and actually call them! Sitters vary in price, so be sure to ask about the going rate in your area. Some may even offer a lower rate for occasional babysitting. This will help you decide if they are worth the investment. You should also find out what they charge for overnight care.

3. Ask for References

Once you’ve talked to your potential sitter and have an idea of what they’re capable of, ask for the names and contact information of two people who can attest to their child care skills. Ideally, these will be family or close friends.

You’ll want to be sure they’ve worked with children in your kiddos’ age range, and that they know how to handle common parenting concerns like screen time, outdoor play, discipline, and sleep schedules. Then you can feel confident that they’ll be a great fit for your kids and your household.

Make sure to ask about how often they tended to each family, what they felt were this person’s most valuable traits and whether or not they would hire them again. You’ll also want to find out how much they were paid, although some references may be hesitant to divulge this information as it is a private matter between parties.

4. Ask for a Trial Run

It’s best to let a babysitter come over for an observation session while you’re home, so they can get familiar with your kids. This is a great time to talk about your household’s rules and expectations (discipline, meal times, bedtime routine) and let them ask questions. During the visit, observe how your kids interact with the sitter and trust your mom intuition.


If you don’t feel comfortable interviewing potential babysitters at your home, consider meeting them in a neutral location like a coffee shop or park. You might even want to invite the sitter on a quick errand with you so that you can see how she handles herself around your children and your home.

How to Find a Great Babysitter
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