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How to Fix A Broken Watch Strap

There are many types of watch straps a leather strap, wooden strap, steel strap, chain strap, threaded, or metal strap. These all kinds of strap can be fixed again when it broken into pieces. But before get damaging the watch strap make some care on the straps. This will be the most elegant part of the strapped watch. To fix the broken watch strap you should collect some required things such as bonding or fixing agent like leather setting glues, collect small size of Velcro, which is used to rub the strap, scissors to cut the unwanted threads and cloths, and sandpaper. Apply the glue on the Velcro and use the hook of the Velcro on the watch. Fix it with your watch in the direction of just the opposite of your skin. Glue the other Velcro bit on the other side of the strap, use the soft Velcro on the other side, and onside fix the rough Velcro to fix it tightly. Glue the both Velcro and attach the both one together to fix well. Finally, the watch strap is ready to use.

Broken Watch Strap

How To Choose the Best Strap For My Watch?

The display part is connected to the strap by using the buckle. That will act as a connector between the watch and the strap to fix the strap on the watch. If you find the broken buckle, first remove that broken buckle from the strap. Collect the newer ones for your watch, after that hold your strap on one side in your hand now fix the buckle in the strap. Take your tool which is used to fix the buckle with the watch. The watch or time showing part will have two holes on the two sides; once you find that place you can easily fix the buckle with your watch.

If you use the spring tool to fix it, just press down and then push it to the side until it comes and fit in the right position. Take some care at the time of fixing the buckle on your watch, it may cause to effect or injure your hand. After fixing the buckle remove the spring bar tool from your watch strap and set it in the tray. There are two options one you can fix it using this technique another one is to buy the replacement watch strap and attach it.

How to Measure The Watch Strap Using the Jaws?

How to Measure The Watch Strap Using the Jaws

Using the measurement tool, you must measure the width of the buckle. To measure the buckle, take the measurable jaw and fix the buckle in the jaw and note the size of the buckle. If the buckle is not suitable for your watch or strap it may affect your skin or it is not flexible to you. The strap colors are different from one to another so that choose the matching buckle with the same color of the strap. Once you have the right buckle fix it using the tool and make use of it. This will go to a useful and simple way to fix your broken watch strap.

How to Fix A Broken Watch Strap
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