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How to Lose Weight in College: Tricks of the Trade for Beginning Dealers

How to Lose Weight in College

Sticking to any healthy regimen can be difficult when you live in the dorms. Dining hall food is not renowned as healthy and who has time to exercise when there is so much studying to be done? While difficult, it is possible. I’ve currently lost 50 lbs on Weight Watchers while being at school and am still losing. Many people have asked me how I’ve done it, so I’ve gathered all my tips into this article.

I’m busy so I don’t have time to attend Weight Watcher meetings. I’m also broke-as most college students are-so couldn’t afford it anyway. So, I’m using the At Home Kit. It means being accountable to myself, but I want this bad enough that personal accountability is enough. When I find my desire waning, I’ll write down why I started Weight Watchers in the first place and that usually helps to re-motivate me.

How to Lose Weight

I’m an athlete so I get my workouts from softball practice and weight lifting. But I do have a meal plan and my school doesn’t post their weekly menus that I’ve been able to find. So when I go in, I look at each station to see what’s being served and pick what looks best to me. Sometimes I’ll take two or three laps around the dining hall while I think about it. If nothing looks healthy, I’ll usually just get a big plate of salad.

In my room, I keep my mini fridge stocked with water bottles, Diet Coke, fruit, veggies, Laughing Cow cheese, and milk. Then I keep 100 calorie bags of popcorn, cereal, WW bread, Soup At Hands, Fiber One bars, and so on. And I have the number of POINTS written on each container. I also keep gum on hand to chew on when I get a craving I don’t need to give into.

Also, I miss dinner most nights because softball practice goes until after the dining hall is closed so I keep Smart Ones, Lean Cuisines, and Healthy Choice meals in the hall freezer. They’re easy because I can just pop them in the microwave and they already have POINTS on them. It’s a matter of finding which ones you like, and there are some very good ones.

Lose Weight

To keep myself motivated, I set small goals for myself. For example, I bought jeans and shoes at my 10% and I got a haircut for 50 lbs. When I reach goal, my mom is taking me on a shopping spree for a wardrobe in my new, smaller size, which is a huge motivation to me.

And the final piece of advice I have is to get outside support. My parents are really supportive. My softball team also knows about me doing Weight Watchers and compliment me often, which keeps me going. It helps me to stay on track when I know other people know about what I’m doing. It helps keep me accountable. I also use the Weight Watchers message boards. Getting and giving advice and support from other people in the same place as you is invaluable.

How to Lose Weight in College: Tricks of the Trade for Beginning Dealers
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