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Steps to Make a Smoothie With a Mixer

how to make a smoothie with a mixer

Starting your day with a fresh serve of the smoothie can make your day to the core. These fine-textured delicious drinks are nutritious and fulfilling and are very easy to make. The best part about making a smoothie is that you need just about a minute to make it and it will stay in your body to energize you for hours. The simplest way to make smoothies is by using a mixer. There are ways of doing this without a mixer as well but that gets too dirty and takes a lot of time.

To make sure you make the best smoothie for your morning schedule, below mentioned are the steps that you should follow to stay out of any confusion or struggle:

Steps to Make a Smoothie With a Mixer

• Step 1: Add liquids to the mixer

The first of making a smoothie should always be to pour the liquids. Liquids could include milk, water, juice, coconut milk, yogurt, etc. as per your taste buds. By adding these solvents first would help your mixer to move smoothly and not get stuck in between. The amount in which you should pour these could half cup to one full cup.

• Step 2: Add fruits:

The fruits should come as your next step. Your smoothie should have a good amount of fruits in it so that you create a nutritious start for your day. Add around two-three cups of fruits in the jar. You can add frozen fruits as well so that you get a thicker texture to your smoothie. The fruits that you add could provide enough sweetness to your drink and you might not even need to add sugar after this.

• Step 3: Add vegetables:

If and only if you want to make your smoothie extra healthy and you don’t want to put on any weight through the drink, you can add one cup of vegetables along with one cup of fruits in your drink. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, rocket, kale, cucumber, etc. would blend easily and will not even spoil its taste.

• Step 4: thicken the texture

If you feel like adding even more texture to the drink, you can add more dairy products to it. Add more milk and yogurt and you will have a thick sip for your morning. You can even try new flavors of yogurt and experiment with them with your smoothie. Adding peanut butter would get you even better results in texture and would even add a better taste.

• Step 5: add butter, oats and then mix


To make your drink even better, you can add small amounts of butter and oats. Once done, cover the jar with the lid and switch on the mixer. Grind it till you get a texture you want.

Making a smoothie is simple and the above steps have proven so. Follow them to get the most delicious smoothies that you can customize according to your taste and preferences. To know more about making smoothies, continue reading at this site.

Steps to Make a Smoothie With a Mixer
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