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How can You make your DIY Mini Air Cooler?

how to make mini air coolers for summer easy way

In summers, it can’t be possible to live without a cooler and that’s why you should get cooler at your home. Are you facing some financial issues? If summers arrive only for few days in your area, then it isn’t even smart to get a big air cooler. It will be the best decision if you can make a mini air cooler at your home. Yes! You heard it right. It can be possible to make a mini cooler which works just like the big air cooler. If you want to work or study on your table, then you can do it by using a mini air cooler. Do you want to make a DIY mini cooler? If yes, then you can follow the following guidelines:

  1. Collect all the necessary materials

First of all, you need to get all the necessary materials which are required to prepare the mini cooler at home. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy any expensive items but you just need to get cardboard pieces, 9v battery, ice cubes, switch, can, and 9v DC motor. You won’t need anything else other than these small items. You can easily find these items at any shop in the market.

  1. Cut the shape of a propeller

You will need to make a propeller for the motor and to do that, you have to cut out a little rectangular piece of 2x1cm from a tin can or geometry box.

How can You make your DIY Mini Air Cooler
  1. Glue them together

You will need to glue the propeller to the motor properly. Make sure that you use good quality of glue to do this task otherwise it can come off easily. Mostly, the hostel students look for the ideas on how to make mini air coolers for summer easy way and you must have got the answer now.

  1. Prepare the circuit

You will use the battery and motor switch to make a simple circuit with the given items. It won’t be difficult to make this circuit if you remember the science experiments in your school.

  1. Paste-on cardboard

Finally, you will have to paste the battery, switch, and motor on the cardboard. All of these items need to be pasted inside the cutout portion of the cardboard. The propeller should work as a fan for the cooler. You can place ice cubes in the tin can and then switch on the motor. You will feel the cool breeze on your body.

So, these are the simple steps with which you can prepare an air cooler at reasonable prices. Now you must have understood how to make mini air cooler for summer easy way. You don’t have to worry about anything when you can make a mini cooler on your own. You just need to get the required items and then it won’t take you much time to make your cooler without much effort. You can also share these ideas with your friends. If you find it difficult to make DIY cooler, then you can also make a cooler on your own.

How can You make your DIY Mini Air Cooler?
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