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How to Use Double Flare Tool?

How to Use Double Flare Tool

You have a car or any other automobile? You know it well how a double flare tool is important for. Double flare tool help us to deal with high-pressure jobs such as automotive brakes and hydraulic lines.

It is one of the common tools that anyone who deals with auto repairing tasks needs. You become able to complete your high-pressure jobs professionally.

With a double flare tool, you can replace your automobile cooling line and brake line with ease. Your tough job that requires the right length steel line becomes possible with this tool.

You know it well what are the uses of double flare tool. Professional mechanics know well about how to use but how unskilled people can use it? No worry we will help you to learn about how to use double flare tool in our below article.

How to Use double flare tool?

How to Use double flare tool

There is a variety of ways to use a double flare tool. Here we will provide you with some simple ways to use a double flare tool.

• First of all, you need to cut the tube in your desired length for that purpose you can use a tubing cutter. Now make both cuts ends smooth by rubbing them. You should slide the nuts on tube and hex.
• Now you need to enter the tube in tubing clamp, loose wing nuts and enter the tube at an appropriate place. Take the right sized adapter and fix it on the protruding end of the steel tube. You should match the thickness of the protruding end with an adapter for better adjustment. Once ok tighten the wing nuts. But there for ease, you should similarly keep halves of the tools; this will make you easy to tighten the wing nuts.
• Now coat the adapter with brake oil then insert it into the steel tube in a proper way.
• Here make it sure that tubing clamp is properly locked and you have entered the adapter in the centre of the screw points. Turn round the screw in a clockwise manner and make it bottoms out from the tubing clamp.
• Now before removing the adapter, lose the screws and pull it out.
• Now make it sure that you have positioned the double flare tool in the centre with the entrance point.
• Turn around the double flare in a clockwise manner until its cone bottomed out and it becomes fully tighten.
• Your task has completed, now remove the double flare tool and check the ends of the tube. Your flare should move in all around, and there should be no gaps or cracks on that. Once you have investigated it properly then remove the tubing from the clamp smoothly.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

Double flare tool is a very useful tool for high-pressure jobs. It makes your heavy automotive tasks quite simple and easy to complete.

We have tried to provide you complete detail about how to use double flare tool in our above content. Hope you have better understood, for any further assistance please contacts us.

How to Use Double Flare Tool?
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