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A Beginners Guide On How To Use Torque Wrench

how to use torque wrench

Cars and other such vehicles do need a lot of maintenance and care. But is it possible for a car owner to take his vehicle to a garage every time there is a slight issue? To help the owners and save his time and money, torque wrench comes to their rescue. It is a very user-friendly tool and could be used by unprofessional too, but how to use torque wrench is a big question here.

What is a torque wrench

What is a torque wrench?

Remember in physics when we studied about force and torque, yes, now see how it is done practically. To run your vehicle and protect it from any mechanical damage and failure, it is very important that all of its parts are correctly placed and remain intact. The fastener either nut or bolt must neither be loose nor tight but it should be just the way it is supposed to be. A torque wrench does this work of measuring the amount of force applied on the fasteners. Usually, beginners don’t have any idea of the force that should be applied on the fasteners hence that result in the over tightening of the nuts and bolts. Torque wrench lets you see the force on the scale and you can stop tightening accordingly.

How a torque wrench works?

A torque wrench is not a very complex tool to work with but in order to function it properly, you must know how to use torque wrench. Suppose you are alone on a highway and there is no garage nearby and the tier gets punctured. You need to put a new tier but you don’t know how to fix it. That will indeed be a huge problem but when you know about a torque wrench you can easily make your way out of the problem. A torque wrench is a bit long tool used to properly tighten the fasteners to prevent the vehicle from any mechanical breakdown.

Different types of torque wrenches

Different types of torque wrenches-

It comes in varying sizes but the overall shape remains the same. For the sake of maintenance of your automobile, you would need the three basic types of torque wrenches which are ½ drive, 3/8 drive and ¼ drive torque wrench. Based on the daily requirement of people these three are the must-have torque wrenches in your collection or toolbox. A ¼ torque wrench is mainly used while working with smaller nuts and bolts, 3/8 drive used for spark plugs and ½ drive used while handling tyres.

You might feel buying a torque wrench is useless and just a waste of money but actually it is an investment and saves a lot of your further expenditure in the maintenance and repair of your vehicle. Wrenches do need a lot of care while handling. Torque wrenches works in two step, first it tightens the fastener to half torque and later to full torque. You should never lubricate your torque wrenches, do not drop the wrench and always use it from zero level on the scale. To know more about torque wrenches and its uses you can visit https://buythisforyourcar.com/best-torque-wrenches-reviews/.

A Beginners Guide On How To Use Torque Wrench
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