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Introduction to the Brain Cells

Introduction to the Brain Cells

The brain is a human body organ that has made up of nervous tissue or protected within the skull. It plays an important role in the human body. The brain is recognized for the several functions in the human body that include processing sensory information, regulating breathing or blood pressure as well as, and it is known to release the hormones.

Structure of Neuron

The central nervous system includes the spinal cord or brain made up of two different kinds of cells known as neurons or glia. Neurons play an important role in the brain; it is an important part of the brain. In the brain, neurons work as an information messenger. It has used the electrical impulses or chemical signals to transmit the information between different sectors of the brain or nervous system. Everything is linked with neurons, or it is called astrocytes.

Neurons have three different basic parts, that is a cell body or two extensions. Within the cell, the nucleus is known to control the cell activities or contain genetically material. It has recognized to transmit messages from the cell. It looks like a bigger branch of a tree or receives the messages from itself. As you can see, the neuron has communicated with Each Other by sending neurotransmitters, Chemicals, tiny space, etc.

Structure of Neuron


Neurons are generated in the brain that is a very controversial subject. The majority of neurons are presented in the human brain when we were born. The evidence has proved that neuroscientist is right or plays an important role in the birth of neurons for a lifelong process.


What happens when you lose brain cells? Once a neuron is activated, or it has to travel to the place in the brain to do its work. Some neurons migrate with the long fiber of cells that is called radial glia. These fibers are connected from the inner layer to the outer layer of the brain. It has glide with the help of fiber until they have reached the destination. Neurons travel with the use of chemical signals. Moreover, it has bounded by similar molecules on the cells.

Mention, not all the neurons are getting successful in their journey. Some of the heart neurons are not reaching the destination, or it is considered as neuronal development.

How can You Grow Brain Cells?

There are different signs of aging that you cannot eliminate, but surprisingly memory can be the biggest trouble. After the age of 35, brain cells have lost. The process is called neurogenesis, happy, or in which the brain is responsible for learning the information or storing the short-term memories or regulating the emotions.

Do you want to get more info about hurt when you lose brain cells? Now, you can grow your brain cells by following these mentioned healthy habits

Aerobic Exercise

According to the previous research, it has proved that aerobic exercise is generating more neurons. You make sure to do enough exercise like power walking, swimming, jogging, or similar activities. Till now, it is not clear which kind of exercise might work better. But according to theory, it has proved that aerobic activities release the protein in the brain that is called a brain-derived neurotrophic factor.


As you can see from repeated sexual exercises enhance the number of generated neurons. The frequency of neurons is improved by doing the sex consistently, or it may make some improvements in the cognitive function.

Stress Relief

Sex can be the best stress reliever, or it is pleasurable. Research shows that it can decrease the stress effect, or it will reflect the mood positivity.


Aerobic is the brain exercises that highlight the stimuli. It is known for the activity of improving memory in the brain. It is found that three-dimensional video games are quite good to improve brain memory performance by more than 12%.

Introduction to the Brain Cells
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