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What Are Senebol Cattle? Everything You Should Know


The Senepol breed generally combines the characteristics of the insect resistance and heal tolerance that makes them first choice for any farmer. Apart from this, these breed cattle also comes with docile nature, high milk production, and good meat that helps the farmers to gain high profit. The Senepol cattle breed is short haired, polled and red, brown, or black in colour that makes then different from others. The popularity of the Senepol cattle breed is increasing day by day with the use of the imported semen and solid upgrading system in lots of farms. If you want to know about this cattle breed then here is some information available for you.

What Are The Characteristics Of Senepol Cattle?

What Are The Characteristics Of Senepol Cattle

Heat Tolerance

The Senepol cattle is one of the Bos Taurus breeds that has great heat tolerance ability for efficient beef production in the hot region. While other breeds seek the shelter of shade, the Senepol cattle’s short red coat can help in heat tolerance.

Naturally Polled

The Senepol Cattel is naturally polled. It can also reduce the labor requirement and also impact positively on the management of the herd. This is desirable trait and limit the bruising of the carcass. The Senepol heredity will ensure most of the progeny that are also polled.

Disease And Insect Resistance

The Senepol Cattle have greater immunity as a comparison to other breeds. The short and fine coat of Senepol carries less external parasites like ticks. The Senepol cattle rarely face diseases like cancer of the eye and pink eye. So, these cattle have diseases and insect resistant quality that makes them a better choice for every farmer.



The genetic makeup of Senepol from the Bos Tarus breed resulted that they have an effective reproductive ability. Apart from this, veterinarians also show that the Senepol females have a straight cervix that makes A.I. much easy and effective. Senepol females also show better and visible signs of oestrus. In addition to this, Senepol bulls are known as aggressive breeders and produce top quality semen by the age of 12 to 14 months.

Maternity Efficiency

Most of the Senepol cows are of medium frame and they innate mothering and milking ability to rear their calves. An adult Senepol size is considered near about 500 kg and they maintain an effective and efficient calving interval. Senepol cattle are generally early maturing and it makes possible for the replacement heifers to calve at a young age.

Quality Tender Beef

Another important characteristic of Senepol Cattle is that they have done well and also won several slaughter competitions. The Senepol cattle beef has the tenderness and quality taste that make them a perfect choice for any farmer. Apart from this, Senepol Cattle are good in the production of both meat as well as milk.

Quality Tender Beef

So, if you want to know more about Senepol cattle breed then https://senepoldabarra.com.br/2019/01/23/senepol-da-barra-realiza-venda-de-animais/ is the right platform for you to visit. There are lots of platforms available on the internet like https://senepoldabarra.com.br/2019/01/23/senepol-da-barra-realiza-venda-de-animais/ where you can access easily able to get know about the Senepol cattle without wasting your much time and effort.

What Are Senebol Cattle? Everything You Should Know
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