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What is a Syringe Needle Used For?

What is a Syringe Needle Used For

You can find several different types of syringe needles. Some are Luer lock while others are Filter needles. Here is some information to help you make the right choice. Read this article to learn more about syringe needles.

Syringe needles

Syringe needles

Syringe needles are disposable, sterile needles used in medical procedures. They are available in a variety of lengths and gauges. A syringe needle consists of a hub, shaft, and bevel. The hub is the point of the needle and must remain sterile. The bevel is the slanted portion of the needle that makes the insertion into the skin possible.

Syringe needle gauge

In the medical field, using a proper syringe needle gauge is essential for the safety and proper injection of drugs. The size of a needle should match the viscosity of the material being injected. This measurement can be done by using a wire gauge or a medical needle gauge.

Luer lock syringes

Luer lock needles are commonly used in medical settings. They feature a tapered termination that is controlled by a series of universal standards. As such, they are compatible with most syringes and connectors. These metal hub needles are available in 10 to 30 gauge and convenient 6/packs.

Filter needles

Filter needles are the most effective precaution when using syringe needles. Filter needles can be purchased at medical supply companies, pharmacies, and doctors’ offices. However, their effectiveness depends on nurse adherence to the recommendations. Therefore, nurses should use filter needles only in specific situations, check out this site.

Intramuscular injections

The ventrogluteal muscle is a good choice for large volume injections of antibiotics. Similarly, the deltoid muscle is an excellent site for small volumes. To find the correct location, place your hand on the greater trochanter and point your index finger toward the anterior iliac crest. With your middle finger spread towards the back, you should be able to insert the needle between the knuckles of your middle finger and your index finger. Always wear clean gloves before beginning the injection.


A syringe needle is a medical device that is used to apply sutures through a needle inserted into a syringe. Sutures are usually either permanent or temporary. Sutures are either braided or monofilament and come in a variety of sizes. They can be made of silk, nylon, polypropylene, or polyglactin.


A syringe needle is a critical medical device that should be handled with care. Nurses must use filter needles only in specific situations and always wear clean gloves before beginning an injection. Sutures come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. It is important to select the correct type for the particular application being made.

What is a Syringe Needle Used For?
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