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What is An App and How To Share The App on A Smart Phone

What is An App and How To Share The App on A Smart Phone

As the smart phones have taken over the reins over the modern technology, all the businesses have shifted online. This has led to the development of new computer software or a program which is commonly used for mobile devices. This software is called an ‘app’.

What is an App?

What is an App

The world app is an abbreviation of application. This software functions through a web browser or offline on the device. Apps may or may not require having a connection to the internet.

An app is referred to small software that can be downloaded and installed in a device. There are millions of applications designed to run on mobile phones today. Almost every business entity has its own app. These apps may or may not be free to download.

When compared to other technologies, app is a relatively new technology, but it has proved to be of great importance. There are apps that benefit the users in so many ways. For example, if one needs to shop a pair of shoes, one can simply download and install a shopping app and surf through and shop online from the confines of their home. Similarly, if one has to book a hotel room, one can download any travel app and have the hotel reservation online. Apps have made the everyday functioning of a person very simple.

In order to download the app, one can open their play store and get access to different apps. Apps are most commonly used to shop online, take pictures, send and receive text messages, play games, use social media and much more. The apps market is growing bigger and better every day. Apps are easy and cost-effective. They could be installed and removed from the device as per the wishes of the user.

Mobile apps have proved to be of great use to the businesses as it helps spread the word. The users of the mobile apps can get in direct contact with the business owners; hence this benefits the business in understanding the wants and desires of the customers.

These apps are specifically designed from the smart phone. But there are a few apps that could also be run on the computer and laptops.

How to Share the App on a Smart Phone?

When friends and family get a new smart phone, there are a variety of apps that they find cool and exciting. They wish to share these apps with their acquaintances. Sometimes, a friend may ask about a particular app they’re having a trouble downloading. It is extremely easy to share the app with your friends and family whenever you want. Check out these ways on how one can share the app –

Sharing App Cia MyAppSharer

One can download this particular app from Google play and share the app with friends and family.


Make sure that the person with whom one is sharing the app also has this app so that sharing could take place.

Through Instant Messaging

Through Instant Messaging

One can simply copy the link of the app and share is as a message in any messenger app with their friends and family.

What is An App and How To Share The App on A Smart Phone
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