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What is Hanbok Made Of?

What is Hanbok Made Of

Nowadays dress is the best partner for everyone. Everyone wants to wear their favorite dress and their wish to wear a unique dress. So every dress industries work on it. There is one dress brand and the name is hanbok. Usually, men using this but now everyone wear this such as kids and elder people. Online shopping is the best platform to buy those dresses. Before that, you should know that how this hanbok made of. Naturally, it is a Korean style. Here you can see how women’s hanbokmade; usually women’s are the one who wants to wear the best dress ever except men. So they take more time to select one dress. This hanbok dress for women is created with chima and jeogori. You people are new to this word because our traditional dresses are very tight and hug our bodies and some people did not like this type of dress but hanbok wears are very fluid and did not fit and give look to the person. For more information about hanbok start reading below.

Components of Hanbok Dresses:

Components of Hanbok Dresses

Here you can collect some information about what are the components that are used to make hanbok dresses for women. That is already you know that chima and jeogori is used to make a hanbok dress, and chima for skirt, jeogori for top. In chima it is a skirt and has pleats also jeogori there are two options you can adjust it left and right. It is fully flexible and no need to worry about dressing. Also, chima had strings and it is for adjusting your hip size and you can adjust your hip size by tying with these strings. And these strings make this dress comfortable to the person who wears this. In jeogori, there is a tie for adjusting.

Basic Terms Of Making Hanbok:

Here are some basic concepts of hanbok such as Baerae, Boston, Gil, Git, and Godae etc. The term Baerae is for making sleeves and curves of jeogori. And Boseon is for making shoes and socks with hanbok and they are usually white. In Gil term, it is a making of a top garment and Git is for neckpiece of jeogori. Making of a backside portion is called Godae. Other terms of hanbok making are Gyeotmagi, Kkeutdong, Seop, and Sunuk. AndGyeotmagi is making of an arm part of jeogori and Kkeutdong is making of color fitting in sleeves. Finally, Seop is attaching the upper and lower garments. So these are all the basic terms in hanbok making.

Facts About Hanbok:

Facts About Hanbok

It is introduced in the sixteenth century. And every people in that time wear this hanbok dress on their traditional functions and so it is called as traditional wear. Also, women are not allowed to participate in the functions that happen at that time and only men are allowed to attend those occasions. Later it is this tradition that is changed and women and men equally participate in every occasion.

What is Hanbok Made Of?
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