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What is Included in MEP?

What is Included in MEP

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing. This acronym includes three types of work done all together in a single project or a building is usually known as MEP. It’s nothing specialized. The just standard construction work that includes designing, and the making of the whole building, then making the electrical plans of it, and finally planning the plumbing work and get it done.

The work MEP is not done by one type of engineer, no. This requires different sets of engineers with a different skill set and workers who have thorough knowledge about plumbing.

Initially, any designing that happens gets done by engineers. To be more specific, architects and civil engineers. Designing is not an easy task. To make everyone’s work easy now there’s MEP CAD available with which a designer can make their designs even more precise.

So, now you know you can ensure more precision. Let’s dig into what MEP includes.

What is included in MEP?

What is included in MEP

MEP includes a lot of work. For instance, MEP does not cover everything there is. Still, when they are done, there’s nothing much left to take care of—starting from HVAC system, water supply system, Electrical power system, fire fighting system, drainage system, emergency generator, fire alarms, overall, building management system.

MEP was an old name; now, this whole segment is known as the Business management system.

Mechanical work

The first letter of the acronym is m which stands for mechanical. Now the mechanical work that has to be done for a building can be very complicating. The things that are included in MEP, all their constructive part is done on this segment.

Mechanical takes care of the construction. Any system that is introduced to the building has to go through the mechanical aspect of MEP.

Electrical Work

Of all the mechanical works, the electricity supply to make them work relies on the electrical aspect of MEP. The electrical terminology ensures wiring, power supply, voltage, emergency power supply, electrical maintenance, etc.
Without the electrical segment, no matter how well constructed all the systems re, you cannot make them work properly. If there’s any failure of power and any small mistake in the wiring, the whole system can crash into bits putting everyone in danger.

Plumbing Work

The sanitation part of the building or the project is as important as the other parts. The pipeline that goes through and along with the other connection all through the foundation of the building ensures the cleanliness from the very core. Without the plumbing work, you cannot get any water supply.

If there’s no water supply, you won’t have any support from the fire fighting system. So, plumbing is as essential as the two other segments of MEP.


MEP is an integral part of any construction project. Without it, you cannot expect any project to reach its final look. The managing touch of the MEP ensures completion of any project that requires construction.

Whether it’s a residential building or a commercial project, you cannot think of the construction part without considering MEP.

What is Included in MEP?
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