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What is Mastic Asphalt Used For

What Is Mastic Asphalt Used For

Mastic asphalt is very much suitable for thermal insulation which is felt to be particularly warm to the feet. It is possible to erect the drywall without changing anything on the floor covering. There we can enjoy full flexibility in the division of all spaces. The mastic asphalt screed and which is retained. By choosing the Bitu Terrazzo elements such as metal granules, stones, etc. The surface of mastic asphalt can be varied in colour and its structures. The thermal insulation services receive and feel comfortable for feet. In road construction, polymer-modified asphalt is preferred. Mastic asphalt is generally used for waterproof layer and damp proof course. 

Hand Samples Used for Mastic Asphalt

Hand Samples Used for Mastic Asphalt

Bitu Terrazzo – colour has some colour with many more new designs. Here we can find some hand samples with an addition of natural coloured stone. Such as,

  • Vario Pinto  
  • Classico with grey stone
  • Bianco with white stone
  • Inca Blue with bluestone
  • Ruby which made up of red-pigmented mastic asphalt with light stone chips

Floor Designing with Mastic Asphalt

Mastic Asphalt consists of grit, stone powder and sand. The bitumen is responsible for the dark colour of coverings which is also known as a binder. Bitu Terrazzo is an innovative surface covering and which can be customized. Mastic asphalt coloured chips from natural, broke stone are used for it. Granules of metal and glass also added while installing the asphalt. Seamlessly, large areas can use the Bitu Terrazzo can be installed. Because of these properties, high point loads can be seen on the surface area. Linoleum carpets or parquet coverings are the surface similar mastic asphalt used for. 

The sealed surface layer provides sufficient surface slip resistance. In everyday usage, Testing of floor coverings and determination of slip resistance offers in the sealed surface. However, such sealed surface coverings which have been tested with DIN 51130 and assigned to the rating group R9and R10. Due to low layer thickness and bond and requires more cleaning. The most common enemy of the floor is sharp-edged grains os the sand. In every floor is to be carpet, plastic, ceramic and parquet or stone. Therefore it is important to provide suitable runners and mats at the entrances. 

Mastic asphalt is also used to prevent the entry of lubricants like as moisture, dust and it makes a significant contribution to surefootedness. These are used for easy to maintain the floor and delighted for every eyes and foot for years to come. Depending on the use and requirements, there are different finishing treatments. Seals or coating on the Mastic Asphalt is necessary for this reason.

Benefits of Mastic Asphalt

The mastic asphalt can be installed with or without thermal insulation or conjunction with minimal underfloor heating. It is used in commercial and public constructions as well as in private residential constructions. Generally, the renovation of old buildings such as living rooms, stairwells, exhibition halls, cafes, garden centres, schools, offices, swimming pools, etc. Mastic asphalt can be walked on about 3 hours after installation which is extremely hard-wearing. It is used to warm the feet and easy on joints where can be laid without joints.

Benefits of Mastic Asphalt

Mainly, there are more new designs of mastic asphalt selected for reference objects. It can be individually designed with an innovative top covering. Mastic screed is impermeable to water. This can be walked on about hours after installation. By using this specially designed mastic asphalt of Bitu Terrazzo enjoys the flexibility of the surface layout. With underfloor heating, thermal insulation or in conjunction can be installed in various surface layout. renovation of old buildings in a general manner. Always, it is possible to erect without changing anything on the surface area.

What is Mastic Asphalt Used For
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