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What is the Major Difference between Mac and IP addresses?

What is the Major Difference between Mac and IP addresses

All the internet devices have got a different kind of addresses: one is the internet address and physical address. The media access control is the best physical address or MAC address. It finds out the device with other devices in the same local network. The internet address is globally identified. Web browser or any other internet software directs information to a particular destination on the internet with the help of the IP address of the destination.

What is the difference between an ip address and an ip packet? The Internet Protocol means a set of network traffic behavior descriptions. To send and receive data between different devices all over the world, IP address plays a major role. To allow both of the addresses to reach their destination, the network packet is required. Internet routers help to move these packets from network source to the destination. After this, these packets are set to LAN where the destination computer is connected. The location of a given resource is IP address and it will let the sender computer know where the receivers are located. The IP packet contains some data that helps various machines to send information to each other comfortably, check here.

Mac and IP addresses

Now, you have understood what is the difference between ip address and ip packet. If not, then you can think of the IP address as a home address. Just like people can find out you in your home if you tell them the address, similarly, IP address is used for computer devices. Now IP Packet is the same as letters you send and receive. It will have some data and sent it from home to destination. The packet has got both the IP addresses are written on it.

The whole internet depends upon these terms and technicalities and that’s why every user of the internet should know about the basic things. It will help you to find the solutions to issues caused by the network. Now, you can know about the major differences between IP and Mac address:

• ID address: Mac has two-layered addresses while the IP address has three layers.
Function: IP address controls communication between devices on the internet at a global scale while Mac address only works on a local scale.
• Can you change it? An IP address can be changed anytime while Mac address can’t be changed easily.
• Another name: Mac address is also known as physical address while IP address can also be called logical address.

So, these are the major differences between IP and Mac address. When you will get an IP address in Mac address, it is hardcoded in the device at the time of manufacture. In case of the IP address will be assigned with the help of software configuration. Both of these addresses can find network device but they have different ways to perform the task. The major difference between IP and Mac address is both of them differ in the bits’ number, interactions, and assignments. You should know that the Mac address can only be significant on LAN with which device has been connected and can’t be used to retain data stream when the packet leaves this network.

What is the Major Difference between Mac and IP addresses?
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