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What is Virtual Dice?

What is Virtual Dice

You know well about the physical dice, but there is another term, virtual dice roller. Do you have any idea about the virtual dice roller?

Do not worry; it is not much tricky; a virtual dice gives you the freedom to choose many sides. You know, in a practical way, a dice can have a maximum of 120 sides, but a virtual dice can offer you to roll a die with more than 120 sides.

For knowing more about that, please read our below content and understand what a virtual dice is and how it is possible to roll more than 120 sides.

What is the difference between conventional and unconventional dice?

What is the difference between conventional and unconventional dice

When we compare conventional and unconventional dice, we found a traditional die is a physical dice that can have 4, 6,8,10, 12, and 20 faces. Most of the time, conventional dice have 6 faces.

But an unconventional dice is not bound with several sides; you can select any number of faces for that dice. Virtual dice are not physical dice and are computer-generated dice that offer you to choose any number of faces. By pressing the roll option on the computer, you can roll it.

Possible shapes of Conventional Dice:

Dice are used mostly on table games as well as in gambling. Most of the time, conventional dice could have any of the below shapes and colors.

  • A dice with four faces called a tetrahedron and comes in blue color.
  • A dice with 6 faces called a cube, cubic dice, and the color of that dice can be orange.
  • While dice with 8 faces are called octahedrons, and green is its color.
  • A ten faces dice called pentagonal trapezohedron comes in orange color and is also called non-cubic dice.
  • Twelve face dice come in yellow color and are called dodecahedron.
  • The dice with 20 faces come in purple color and are named Icosahedron.

These are not restricted; dice can have more faces called polyhedral; experts agree that a physical dice can have up to 120 faces but not have more than 120 faces.

What is Virtual dice?

Virtual dice roller is not a physical dice, and there is no restriction for people to its faces. It gives you a choice to select as many faces as you want.

Many online websites are offering and using virtual dice; you can select any of the number of faces and any dice for rolling.

How to use Virtual dice?

It is quite simple to use a virtual dice roller; follow these simple steps and get your possible results.

  • Search the website and visit, which is offering virtual dice rolling services.
  • Here option for choosing a number of faces, select the desired number of faces from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you can also select several dice.
  • Once you have selected now, press the roll option, your results will be displayed on a computer screen.

Final Thoughts:

Virtual dice are also called virtual dice roller, which allows you to select as many faces for the dice you want. With a simple selection of faces and pushing the Roll option, you can get your possible virtual dice results.

What is Virtual Dice?
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