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When to Wax a New Car?

When to Wax a New Car

Wax or clean your new car when you are getting your car home from the dealer. Waxing your car with the help of a professional or yourself is a good way to protect your car. Wax your car as soon as possible it will clean all the dust and dirt. The wax will act as a coat of the car, it will prevent the car from the polluted air, birds dropping, and other atmospheric wastes. Try to wax your car whenever you return to your home at every drive. It is a good possibility to maintain your car new for more years. If you apply wax as soon as possible after the arrival from the dealer, you can easily identify the scratches or any damages. Most of the people are recommending a wax for two to four-time of a car for the year. The waxing will be such a refreshment for the car. The properly executed car waxing will give some extra shine to your car. It will improve your new-car appearance. Car wax will play an important role to prevent your car’s paint, shine, and every part. It will protect your car’s upper layers and paint from the different seasons such as summer, rainy, and snow. If you want to buy a new car with amazing features use fairsquare to get new and advanced technological cars.

How to wash the new car before waxing?

How to wash the new car before waxing

You should need some basic items to wax your car effectively. It will give an attractive and shiny look to your vehicle. The important things to wash are car sponge, car cleaning brush, well-cleaned towel, bucket, hose for press out the water, soap, and finally water. Just spread some water on the car to wet the surface and scrub a few parts using soap and sponge. After clean it very well rinse the car using the garden hose. Just swipe up on the car surface when rinsing it. Rotate your garden hose for every little surface of your car after washing. It will cleanse all the smaller dust and debris. Take more concern on your front portion of your car, after washing the car use the cloth to wipe all the steel places. Make sure you clean all the wheels and every part. After that give a refreshment again for the car by rinse the whole car. If you do not clean the steel irons or car surface it will convert as a rust in few minutes.

How to wax your car in the rainy or winter season?

How to wax your car in the rainy or winter season

Make sure your car has been cleaned and dry thoroughly. Because wax should need a well-cleaned dry surface. Make sure the temperature will between sixty to eighty degrees, it is needed for your car waxing. Place your car in the sunny or the place which gets the UV rays. In the winter season, the sun is warm on the surface of the car, which will be the easier way to apply was on the car. Start apply the wax on your car.

When to Wax a New Car?
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