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Why is Mattress Important?


A good night’s sleep is important for health and happiness. A comfortable mattress can transport you into dreamland and help you relax after a long day.

During sleep, the body does a lot of healing work. It repairs and replenishes cells, activates human growth hormone, and reduces insulin levels.


Mattress comfort is critical to good sleep. It regulates surface pressure and alleviates pressure points in the body to reduce pain, tingling and other uncomfortable symptoms. Firmness influences how well a mattress contours to your spine, so this is also an important consideration when shopping.

Research indicates that a comfortable bed promotes better sleep and overall health. It is vital for restoring energy lost during the day, and helping to prevent back pain and other chronic health conditions.

Most people prefer a mattress with a firm feel, with most choosing a firmness of 5 to 7 on the scale. The best firmness for you depends on your weight, sleep position and how much pressure you apply to the mattress. A softer mattress may not provide enough support for those who are heavier or need more contouring for their spines and joints.



A new mattress is a major investment, but it’s one that can pay for itself in years of healthy sleep and reduced stress. An optimal mattress also increases your ability to focus and perform throughout the day, enhancing overall wellbeing.

Over time, all mattresses develop body impressions — the top layer of comfort materials compress and lose their ability to return to their original shape. Regularly rotating your mattress promotes even wear and extends the lifespan of your matrace dormeo.

Many sleepers experience pressure buildup in their shoulders, lower back, and hips due to uneven spinal alignment. A mattress that supports your preferred sleeping posture reduces this discomfort.


Breathable mattresses allow for perfect airflow and eliminate the chances of suffocation. They also dry quickly if they’re exposed to vomit, drool or spills. This prevents mold from growing in the mattress and keeps your child safe from breathing in those harmful microbes.

Sleeping on a mattress with poor breathability causes you to feel hot, sweaty and uncomfortable all night long which eventually affects your quality of sleep. Moreover, a breathable mattress relieves sore pressure points and ensures that the spinal column is properly aligned.

Most innerspring and hybrid mattresses can produce squeaks or creaks from the springs moving against one another. This noise can disrupt your sleep and disturb your partner. However, all-foam and hybrid models made from pocketed coils move independently from each other to reduce motion transfer.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is important for many sleepers, especially those with chronic back or body pain. Mattresses that offer sufficient pressure relief can help reduce the amount of pain that is caused by friction between bones and muscles during sleep.

Generally speaking, memory foam mattresses are the best option for pressure relief as they contour to your body and redistribute weight evenly. However, it is also worth considering latex or innerspring options if you’re looking for the same level of support and comfort.

Polyfoam, which is usually found in comfort layers, is quicker to regain its shape and less prone to heat retention than memory foam. However, it does not provide as much pressure relief. Microcoils are another popular choice and, like pocketed coils, are often zoned to provide precise support.


A good mattress provides optimal support to reduce stress on key areas, improving spinal alignment and preventing pain. It can also improve blood circulation by reducing pressure on blood vessels and allowing them to expand.

Foam and hybrid support cores are made from materials that offer varying degrees of support, depending on their density. They may have different features that can affect the sleep experience, including motion isolation and noise reduction. Innerspring support cores can have varying amounts of bounce, depending on the gauge (thickness) of the coils and their design.


Foundations are a common component of mattresses and can be constructed from wood or a combination of wood and metal. They are used to raise a mattress and can vary in height, with some adding only 5″ of elevation to a bed and others increasing that amount.

Why is Mattress Important?
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