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Why Should You Buy Kick Viewers?

Why Should You Buy Kick Viewers

Kick has been luring major Twitch creators with glitzy nonexclusive deals, but some have been reluctant to make the switch. Some have voiced concerns about the platform’s lax moderation and gambling connection, while others like Trainwreck are hesitant to move over because they want to keep their Twitch audience.

Nonetheless, Kick is a growing platform that offers streamers the opportunity to profit from their content. The 95-5 revenue split is hard to ignore.

Increase Your Visibility

Increase Your Visibility

Increasing your Kick profile’s visibility is crucial for streamers looking to maximize their earnings. However, gaining new viewers can be an overwhelming task. It’s no wonder that so many streamers go years without building a significant following.

But, with kick zuschauer kaufen you can easily increase your Kick viewership and achieve your streaming goals. This innovative tool will automatically generate more views and likes on your profile, boosting its ranking in Kick algorithmic view rankings and recommendations.

As a creator-friendly platform, Kick offers a higher revenue split and more lenient content moderation rules than Twitch. It also features same-day payouts and a commitment to fair terms for streamers. This has attracted the attention of prominent streamers, including xQc and Felix Lengyel. The migration of these streamers to Kick could signal a larger cultural shift towards alternative platforms that offer fairer terms for creators.

Save Time

Buying Kick views is an effective way to increase your audience, which can help you attract more followers and customers. Moreover, it boosts your rank within the Kick category you are streaming in and increases the likelihood of triggering algorithmic views such as recommended feeds.

While Twitch offers a 50/50 revenue split, Kick gives streamers 95% of subscription earnings, which is significantly higher than Twitch’s rate. Moreover, the platform allows streamers to keep 100% of tips (kicks) sent by viewers without any transfer fee or commission being gobbled up by Kick.

These advantages are among the reasons why many prominent streamers have chosen to switch to Kick. Some of them have even signed exclusive deals with the platform to showcase their events. However, there is still room for newcomers to gain traction on the platform. The platform also has more built-in social features and lenient rules compared to its competitors. Nonetheless, the content on Kick must comply with the platform’s terms of service and avoid any forms of violence, discrimination, insults, and copyright infringement.

Increase Your Credibility

The ability to buy Kick clip likes can help increase your profile’s visibility, allowing you to reach a wider audience and establish yourself as an influencer or brand. In addition, it can save you time and effort by automating the process of getting views and likes. This can be particularly useful for busy influencers and brands that need to maximize their resources.

Despite being far smaller than Twitch, Kick has drawn in major creators like Adin Ross and Trainwreck. While the platform does have a reputation for being less strict on content, it’s also been accused of faking views with bots.

Its community guidelines prohibit nudity, hate speech, violent conduct, doxxing, fraud and a host of other actions. However, a lack of robust moderation means gambling streams and other gambling content still slip under the radar. This is a big problem for young stream viewers, as gambling addiction has been linked to elevated suicide rates and broken families.

Stay Updated

Stay Updated

The most important thing to remember when deciding where to stream is to choose a platform that will make you happy. Some streamers feel safer on Twitch, where they can hide behind an avatar and avoid the risk of being abused by viewers. Others prefer Kick’s 95-5 revenue split and lenient terms of service.

While Kick’s moderation process is lenient and allows for some NSFW content, it does have rules against drugs, violence, discrimination, and copyright infringement. It also has a toggle that blocks not-safe-for-work content.


Kick is in its early stages, but it has already lured some popular streamers like Destiny and Adin Ross away from Twitch. The platform’s lenient rules and revenue split have made it especially attractive to streamers who want to monetize their content without the pressure of a large audience. It remains to be seen if Kick can sustain its momentum. xQc believes that it will, but there are some concerns about the platform’s long-term sustainability.

Why Should You Buy Kick Viewers?
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