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Best Knife For The Survivalist

Best Knife For The Survivalist

Best survival knife. Folding, fixed blade, pocket, full tang, military, all round and more survival knives.

Survival knives are the quintessential survival tools, should you lose everything in an survival situation, a suitable knife could make the difference between life and death. It is the tool that allows you to cut free, to defend yourself and to perform all sorts of survival skills in the wilderness.

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Their importance is so widely established that they are issued as standard practice to Army, Marine and Air Forces around the world to help servicemen look after themselves in the most dangerous situations and in the most hostile environments. Originally issued simply like butcher-like knives or bayonets, with time survival knives have evolved into a vast array of purposeful tools to match specific requirements in the most diverse conditions so as to deliver optimal performance, look at more info.

There are different types of survival knives out there, a folding pocket knife may be suitable for trekking survival as part of a larger survival kit, while a large fixed blade, full tang knife is more suitable for self defense or combat situations. Pilot survival knives are designed to pierce through the thin aluminum skin of a wreaked plane or chopper in order to break free and to defend themselves in hostile surroundings.

Depending on the intended use, a survival knife may have a full tang or a short tang. A full tang knife is more balanced and allows for better handling and speed for self defense but the catch will be less impact force for chopping through, while a smaller tang creates an unbalance between the heavier blade and the lighter handle which will result in less speed and accuracy but more impact force, ideal for cutting through.

There are also multipurpose, pocket size survival knives like the ever popular Swiss Army tools that display an unmatched number of ancillary tools for all survival, camping or trekking situations. Others prefer a simple all purpose folding blade, others still a fixed blade with a sheath. As you can see there is no such a thing as the “best survival knife” because what is excellent for a particular use may be less suitable in a different situation.

Whether you are a soldier, a trekker, a camper or someone who need an all round survival knife in this page you’ll find a variety of solutions to your need.

Best Knife For The Survivalist
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