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All about Smartwatches and Your Smart Phone

All about Smartwatches and Your Smart Phone

Smart watches are becoming more and more popular, with the Apple Watch as one of the most well-known brands. The watch is designed for those who want to stay connected, but not be glued to their phone. However, it has some limitations that might make you reevaluate your purchase. For example, if you need a fitness tracker or have an old version iPhone or android phone then this watch may not work for you because they do not sync together. Another limitation is that there are only ten apps available and other than weather updates or a stopwatch app there isn’t much variety available in terms of what you can download which makes it hard to find something useful or interesting enough for your needs since all of them seem pretty basic.

What are the apps limitations of the Smart Phone?

What are the apps limitations of the Smart Phone

The smartwatch has a few limitations that it cannot do. It can’t be as reliable for emergencies calls or sending texts because of the battery life and the ability to be tracked remotely by GPS. There are also limitations in the how many apps it can hold because of its smaller size and limited capabilities.

What is the app store on the Smart Watch?

The Apple watch has an app store where you can find, download, and sync apps directly onto your device. There are over 1000 apps currently available in the app store which will grow as the watch becomes more popular. Compare this to the apple phone where there are many times that number of apps since they launched in 2007.

How easy is it to connect your smartwatch to your smart phone?

It takes a few minutes for you to set up your wearable device and begin using it but once it’s done all you have to do are tap on your wrist and it will send the calls or texts directly onto your wrist screen. You can also add photos and contacts, get directions, check email,or play games too!

How to find apps for your smartwatch

How to find apps for your smartwatch

First, it is important that you understand the two different categories of apps for your smartwatch. There are standalone apps that do not require a phone to use, and there are also phone dependent apps that you must sync with your phone to work. To find an app for your watch, search by keyword or scan through the letter S in the alphabetical list. Then click download and complete installation via syncing with your phone.

Conclusion Smartwatches are a powerful tool for your mobile device because they allow you to take control of what is happening on your phone without having to actually touch it. You can even set up custom notifications so that only the information and alerts you really want pop up on your watch face, which helps cut down on distractions. It’s not always easy to find the app you need at first especially if you have downloaded none yet!

All about Smartwatches and Your Smart Phone
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