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Fishing How To: Keeping Children Interested

Fishing How To Keeping Children Interested

Fishing is one of the greatest pastimes enjoyed by Americans across the country. Every year, millions of people across the country take their family to a pond, stream, or lake in order to teach them the heritage and significance to this great sport. However, as we all know, fishing can be a real bore to some people if there isn’t any action; especially children. So what can we do to introduce children to the sport in a positive light? The following are some tips that can be used to keep your little boy or girl, interested for a life time. To know more about the fishing, read here.

Fish for the right fish- Of course it’s much more exciting to see a 52′ musky tail walking across the surface of the water than it is to have a soft and subtle fight with a bluegill. However, this won’t matter to children as much. Fish for something that can keep them entertained. Bluegills are perfect for this. If bluegill had teeth, mankind wouldn’t be able to swim. I’ve seen bluegill caught off small red cotton balls, and these aggressive critters just can’t resist something smaller on the food chain than themselves.

Fishing How To

Break the silence – Some people enjoy the silence and serenity of nature; to truly sit back and appreciate the sound of a river crashing across the cracks and crevices of its bed. Well here’s the thing, children could really care less for this kind of stuff. They need to remain entertained, so break the silence and share some stories of your childhood.

Try not to fish from a boat – Unless you plan on sitting still. Bluegill and easier to catch fish tend to linger close to the banks. Children with a bobber, a split shot, or just a hook can’t whip a searing cast for 50 feet like you can with your $100 bait casting reel.

Fishing can truly be a memorable experience on any given day. But let’s face it, more often than not, we catch next to nothing. Give your child the best chance of becoming interested at an early age. For example: I was introduced to fishing in a small family owned pond. It was slap full of bluegill and you caught them at nearly every cast. It was experiences like this that kept me entertained and dreaming of possibilities. Have fun and remember, all fishing is, is a jerk on one end, waiting for a jerk on the other!

Fishing How To: Keeping Children Interested
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