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Benefits of Engaging a Recruitment Consultant

Benefits of Engaging a Recruitment Consultant

Finding employment today is more competitive than ever. The more experienced, educated and prepared applicants trawl through the vacancies online and in newspapers. They are able to identify and apply for the plum roles, leaving others to apply for what is left.

While many people undertake their own job search, it is worth considering the benefits of reputable recruitment agencies.

Knowledge of market & job opportunities

Consultants are in daily contact with employers and generally have a good idea of the job market and what kind of role and salary the applicant can expect. They are able to introduce applicants to vacancies that may not be advertised online or the print media, or make them aware of advertisements they hadn’t seen before. From their experience, they can determine fairly quickly the roles that would be suitable for applicants, depending on their experience and skills.

Fine-tuning resumesExperienced consultants know what employers are looking for in a candidate. They can make recommendations that help candidates highlight their strengths, producing a resume that gives them an an edge over other people going for the same roles. Sometimes the resume only needs a few small changes to produce positive results in the job search.

Assessing strengths/weaknessesThe consultant can help to identify strengths and weaknesses in candidates that can help them with their job search. When a person has become disillusioned with searching through many websites and job classifieds in the newspaper, he may be unable to identify the actual reasons that he has been unsuccessful. Seeking the help of an agency may be just what is necessary to help him move forward with his search and get out of a rut.

ReassuranceWhile recruitment agencies are not a counselling service for distressed jobseekers, they can provide them with reassurance that they are trying to help them find the right job – that they are not alone with this daunting task. Having someone on your side is a tremendous confidence boost.

NegotiationsThose who have been successful in finding work through recruitment agencies find that all the hard work of negotiating sensitive issues such as salary and conditions has been taken care of by the consultant and it becomes easier to focus on the type of work the applicant is looking for.

Of course, there are also pitfalls in engaging a recruitment temp agency. Some people find that with so many people applying for the same roles, they can be forgotten or left behind by consultants who are working to fit other candidates for a role. Sometimes they feel frustrated that the consultant is not working hard enough for them.

Others find that not enough attention is paid by some consultants, looking to fill a vacancy in a hurry, who try to match them will unsuitable roles. It is important to find a recruitment agency where applicants feel comfortable discussing their requirements with their consultant. Communication and honesty are vital in this relationship to find the most suitable role.

Benefits of Engaging a Recruitment Consultant
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