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Is It Safe to Use A Fan Heater In A Tent?

Is It Safe to Use A Fan Heater In A Tent

You can still camp in the winter half term or even the Easter Holidays. You may need to upgrade your sleeping bag and take a couple of more measures to read about keeping warm when it is freezing in our Winter Camping article. Indeed, even Camping is possible if you are prepared for it.

Tents are designed to keep the rain off and wind out, but they don’t insulate too well especially the cutting edge polyester materials, and so soon get cold. For when it does get chilly, a tent heater is an obvious item to get, but there are a couple of different choices available.

One of the simplest ways to heat your tent is with an electric heater. However, you need to consider safety and such a force supply is available at the campsite. To use an electric heater in your tent, you’ll need to book a pitch at a campsite that provides electric snare ups.

Fan Heater In A Tent

However, if you’re not familiar with it, you may be disappointed to learn that you can’t simply take an extension cable from home and module a large electric radiator, as EHUs require a special electrical fitting and may be limited to only 5amps of electricity.

When using an electric hook-up you should use the right fitting with a built-in circuit breaker. Accidents and fatalities do happen each year by individuals trying to save a couple of pounds and using power string extensions from home.

Most campers will use a small electric fan heater to warm their tent, but it needs to be one that will chip away at the campsite’s capacity supply, which is much short of what you would have at home.


  • Can heat the tent relatively quickly
  • Lightweight and small so easy to transport
  • Cheap to purchase
  • Can lessen condensation inside the tent

With many family tents having separate rooms, the impact of the warm air breeze is also decreased.

heater can help diminish

On the in addition to side, they are small and easy to transport. Also, the warm air coming out of the heater can help diminish or forestall the build-up of condensation on the inside of the tent, which can be an issue on chilly mornings. If you decide to get a fan heater, make sure you get one with an automatic cut out if it gets too hot. Many families decide not to risk leaving the fan heater on during that time for fear that it could catch fire if it overheats. They are safest used to take the chill off before bed and first thing in the morning. Make sure you position the heater off the ground, simply in case your tent gets a leak and the electric heater winds up sitting in water. Also, place it away from the sides of the tent, where the wind could push it over, and not very near the thin fabric of your inner tent. Yes, it might be safe to use but make sure get the right heater. To get more info about using the heater in a tent, you can scroll more to buy the precise heater model.

Is It Safe to Use A Fan Heater In A Tent?
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