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Hidden Toxins in Cigarettes

Hidden Toxins in Cigarettes

I recently went to the doctor’s office to get my sore throat checked out, but when I was waiting for my results, I read through a poster on the wall. There was a poster on the wall with the words “What The Tobacco Industry Is Hiding In Cigarettes”. There was a picture of a cigarette, then a rather disturbing list of all the toxins that the cigarette contained. So, read this review article for detox patches.

According to the poster, produced by the Department of Health, there are many toxic compounds hidden in the cigarettes. Because cigarettes are not FDA approved they are not obligated to publish a full ingredients list. Some of them will definitely shock you, and after reading this list I made it my New Year’s Resolution to quit!

We all know that cigarette smoke causes cancer and that it has taken the life of many people, but I want to make you aware of the top nine most toxic chemicals in cigarettes. What will shock you the most is where else you can find these chemicals!

Toxins in Cigarettes

Acetone – A flammable, colorless liquid used as a
solvent. It’s one of the active ingredients in nail polish
remover. The tobacco industry refuses to say how
acetone gets into cigarettes.

Ammonia – A colorless, pungent gas. The tobacco
industry says that it adds flavor, but scientists have
discovered that ammonia helps you absorb more
nicotine – keeping you hooked on smoking.

Arsenic – A silvery-white very poisonous chemical
element. This deadly poison is used to make
insecticides, and it is also used to kill gophers and rats.

Benzene – A flammable liquid obtained from coal tar
and used as a solvent. This cancer-causing chemical is
used to make everything from pesticides to detergent to

Butane – A hydrocarbon used as a fuel. Highly
flammable butane is one of the key ingredients in

Formaldehyde – A colorless pungent gas used in
solution as a disinfectant and preservative. It causes
cancer; damages your lungs, skin and digestive system.
Embalmers use it to preserve dead bodies.

Lead – A heavy bluish-gray metallic chemical element.
This toxic heavy metal causes lead poisoning, which
stunts your growth, and damages your brain. It can
easily kill you.

Propylene Glycol – A sweet hygroscopic viscous liquid
used as antifreeze and as a solvent in brake fluid. The
tobacco industry claims they add it to keep cheap
“reconstituted tobacco” from drying out, but scientists
say it aids in the delivery of nicotine (tobaccos active
drug) to the brain.

Turpentine – A colorless volatile oil. Turpentine is very
toxic and is commonly used as a paint thinner.

By now you must be just as horrified as I was. Many people don’t want to quit smoking for whatever reason, but now that you know what is really in the cigarettes you are smoking, make the change to an electric cigarette! You can get the same satisfaction from smoking without introducing all the added toxins to your body.

I suggest making the change to an electric cigarette; get the nicotine that you want without all the harmful toxins!

I found the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette to offer the best feeling of smoking *IT’S JUST WATER VAPOR*. This is meant for adults for it still contains nicotine! Read the Green Smoke Review and see if it’s right for you!

**Credits to Ron Harder for list of toxins.

Hidden Toxins in Cigarettes
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