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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her: Handmade Inexpensive Gifts of Store Quality – Romantic Gift Idea

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

To make a gift is to put thought, affection, action and intent into it, making it more heartfelt and meaningful. Sounds like a recipe for a great Valentine’s Day gift! This one is a gift basket of bath products that can be tailor-made to fit the person it’s intended for.

It can be particularly hard to find romantic gifts for him. This gift can be made for a man or woman and it’s something that nearly everyone enjoys at one time or another, making it a perfect present for a special occasion or a thank you gift.

Supplies To Make This Homemade Gift

Supplies To Make This Homemade Gift
  • 2 cups of Epsom salts or other mineral salts
  • Vegetable dye aka food coloring
  • A favorite perfume or men’s cologne
  • A small decorative jar with lid or cork
  • 2 tall thin votive candles
  • 2 votive candle holders
  • A book of matches
  • Chocolate candies
  • 2 small plastic, sealable bags such as a zip lock.
  • 1 gallon size zip lock plastic bag
  • A baking sheet
  • A funnel or paper rolled into a cone
  • A bowl of water
  • A ball of clay
  • Colored tissue sheets
  • A basket large enough to fit the jar, candles and holders and candies

First, a note about some of these items, starting with the candles. The tall, thin birthday candles look especially festive if you get 10 or more. Regular votives candles can also be used if the tall ones or their holders aren’t available. Also, you can find candles in black and darker colors more associated with masculinity, if this gift is for a man, find more info.

If you make a homemade holder for the tall thin ones, remember that they burn all the way down, so please don’t stick them in something flammable. Vowing to remember to blow them out before they burn down isn’t always a reliable idea, especially if festive activities are afoot. Stick them in a ball of florist’s clay or modeling clay, or Styrofoam and set it in a decorative dish of water. It looks pretty and puts them out when they burn down. You could also use small balls of clay and put two or three candles in each ball, and put the balls into votive holders filled with water. Then they can be placed all over the bathroom.

And, try to get the kind of book matches that smell nice when they’re blown out They can be found in gift shops and places that sell incense.

Directions for Homemade Bath Salts

  1. Measure out two cups of the Epsom Salts into the large plastic bag. Put in several drops of color into the salt.
  2. Put several squirts or drops of the perfume or cologne in the salt.
  3. Close and seal the bag and grab it by the top and the bottom. Shake it until all the salt is evenly colored and scented, which will be obvious.
  4. Pour the salts onto the baking sheet and allow to dry for 30 minutes.
  5. Pour the salts into the decorate bottle or jar and close the lid.
  6. Tie a ribbon or attach a bow or a lufah sponge with the ribbon.
  7. Line the basket with enough tissue to be billowy around the edges.
  8. Set the jar in the basket.
  9. Put the candles and their holders,matches, clay and candies in the basket attractively.
  10. Tie a ribbon on the basket’s handle or around the bowl of it.
  11. Attach a card.

Voila! A store-quality homemade gift that can be for someone at work or for someone romantic. Give to someone who undergoes a lot of stress daily, or to someone who needs a break, like a mom. Give it as a gift intended for two, also.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her: Handmade Inexpensive Gifts of Store Quality – Romantic Gift Idea
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