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How do you Store a Pillow when not in use

How do you Store a Pillow when not in use

People always tend to store unused things in safer places. Once you buy a dress for a special party, you only use this on a special occasion. So what you do with the dress when the occasion ends?

Usually, you go for storing that dress for the next special occasion. In the same way, when you have some extra pillows, you intend to store these because they are not in use.

If you don’t know the system of storing them, then we are gonna write an article on how do you store a pillow when not in use.

How to store a pillow

How to store a pillow

You may be thinking about how to store a pillow when it is not on use. You needn’t be worried. Stay with us till the end.

Step-1. Select The Pillows You need to store

If things are like that you have something that you never use; there is no need to store them. It is just a matter of waste of time, effort, and money.

If you think you need to store the things for further use, then you can store them very easily.

In that same way, when you don’t use your extra pillows, you can store them for future use.

Step-2. Categorize Your Pillows For Easy Storage

You need to categorize the pillows before storing them as they require different types of packaging with different amount of costs.

Step-3. Purchase Quality Packing Materials

Purchasing quality materials for the packing is the worth investment indeed. There are a lot of packing materials, but all are not the same quality.

So, being careful about purchasing those is a must.

Here are some quality packing materials.

Here are some quality packing materials

• Clear plastic tubs with clip-on lids
• A breathable plastic wrap
• A packing tape
• Clean pillowcases
• A permanent marker
Pillow storage bags

Step 4: Pay attention to each item for superior protection

You need to be careful with every type of pillows to ensure maximum protection. Proper attention can put your pillows in better condition for further use.

Step 5: Clear Labelling of Each Tub And Making A Detailed Inventory

The benefits of labelling your tubs cannot be ignored. Most importantly, it gets packing, unpacking and tracking your items so much easier.

The crucial side of labelling is to ensure that each label gets to your detailed inventory. This can easily ensure that everything you put in storage comes out again in future.

Step 6: Carefully Pack Tubs

To ensure the secure storage, you need to ensure the quality packing tubs. It is needed because nothing can damage the pillows in the storage.

Step 7: Placement of Tubs In Correct Place In Storage Area

Don’t you want your pillows to be stored in the secured places? I am sure you want this. So, keep in mind if you want to keep your pillows out of damage, be sure first that you keep these into a safer place.


Things that are not in use need to be protected and stored if you want to use them in future. To do this job, you can get a lot of information from our article, how do you store a pillow when not in use.

How do you Store a Pillow when not in use
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