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How to Turn off Automatic login in Gmail

How to Turn off Automatic login in Gmail

You may have found that the new chrome update changes the way your browser syncs to your google account. Specifically, your google account will automatically be signed into or out of chrome when you sign in or out of Gmail.

If this occurs, your bookmarks, passwords saved, and other sync data will not be available unless you manually register, let alone sign it off from any google service. If you sign up for any of google’s program, on the other hand, your google account will be registered in chrome. If you have google sync enabled, all of your data will be synchronized, even if you are not usually on a device.

This was confusing for many users, as some prefer using a local chrome account and using google services separately. In certain situations, they might share your browser with other users and do not want their account to be signed in unexpectedly. Many users find it a pain that this automatic sign-in feature cannot be switched off. Fortunately, google took into account the feedback from its privacy-conscious users and allowed the option to automatically turn off sign-ins when chrome 70 was released.

In this post, we will tell you how to disable google chrome auto sign-in.

Disable chrome auto registration on your desktop.

Disable chrome auto registration on your desktop.

Next, make sure you are on 70 or newer chrome. You can pick the chrome pull-down menu and select about google chrome to search your chrome edition.

An alternate method of locating your chrome edition is to press the three-point icon in the top-right corner to choose support from google chrome. See https://www.lookmycloset.com.br/gmail-entrar/ to know more info on it.

It will then take you to a screen that displays the google chrome edition. You can disable auto sign-in from there. You can disable auto-registration of chrome and sign up for google sites such as Gmail or docs and, much as older chrome versions, have stayed out of the browser.

Note: auto-registration tends to be allowed by default in the current chrome edition, so while you can disable it, when setting up a new tab, it is important to remember that you do not accidentally connect your account.

That said, there are some slightly more violent choices if the above approach does not work for you. Finally, whether you are confused about these choices, or only at the end of it, there are plenty of chrome choices for browsing the internet. You could use one sooner or later if google continues to make such improvements.

The auto sign-in feature has benefits including getting your histories and bookmarks synced across devices and computers. This might be helpful to save your time signing up, so that you can still auto sign up if you want to use these features.

How to Turn off Automatic login in Gmail
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