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Tried and True Weight Loss Tips

Tried and True Weight Loss Tips

1. Count calories and fat grams. Unless you have been put on a specific diet by your doctor, these are the only things you need to worry about on the label. Carbohydrates have been around for a long time and never mattered until some guru decided to formulate a plan to0 get you to spend more money on raw foods.

2. Make yourself accountable. Keep track of calories and fat grams consumed. Once you have to write it down it makes you really look at the numbers. And you do not need a fancy journal. Either keep a small notebook in your purse or just jot it all down on scrap paper. I find its better to write it all down before I eat it. It sounds time consuming but if you are serious about getting healthy and losing weight it’s a small sacrifice to make, find out more.

Weight Loss Tips

3. Avoid too-good-to-be-true scams. Obviously, there is no real way to shed five pounds a day. Even sweating and starving yourself won’t make this happen.

4. Products you can count on. Each person is different but I have tried every diet product out there. And the only ones I can back are Stacker 2, if you are sensitive to caffeine then these will cause jitters. However they do provide energy and suppress appetite. Diurex water pills to get rid of the extra bloat. And a waist wrapper. It may not work, but it sure makes me feel like I’m smaller.

5. Drink water. I use to aim for two gallons a day. It really does flush out the system and fat. And just makes you feel better. It also keep wrinkles away by keeping the skin hydrated. Drink a glass of ice water before eating. Cold water burns more calories than room temperature water.

6. Burn more calories than you consume. This is simple. Don’t consume more calories than you know you will burn in a day. Even without working out I aim for 1,200 calories or less. But this should be based on your weight and body type. In other words, EXERCISE!

7. Don’t subject yourself to being like the chic in the magazine. It’s called Photoshop. Real women have real bodies. Work on toning up your jiggle or fitting into a pair of old jeans. Don’t worry about the number on the scale.

8. Eat those six small meals a day. Food is fuel not a reward. Don’t eat until you are stuffed and focus on chewing. Put your fork or spoon down between bites. It does make a difference if you don’t eat fast.

9. Look to your motivation before you cave. Sure there are days when I would like to pop out of bed and eat a honey bun because it’s there and simple to fix. But think of the long term benefit of passing up that honey bun. When I feel like caving, I pick up a fitness magazine and thumb through it. Or I think of all the other times I’ve caved and how miserable I have felt afterwards. 10. Do it for you. Honestly, if you are losing weight for anyone else it’s not going to work. Do it to live longer for your kids. But don’t do it so Trevor will go out with you.

Tried and True Weight Loss Tips
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