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What Can You Make With a Button Maker?

What Can You Make With a Button Maker

If you are thinking about purchasing a button maker, you’re probably wondering: What can I make with it? After all, these tools can be used to make more than just buttons. This article will show you how to create pins, magnets, and keychains, and even use them with an ink jet printer! Read on to learn more about these and other products you can create with a button maker!



Pins with a button maker are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any outfit. These small, decorative pins can be attached to clothes, backpacks, and more! They also make a great gift for your special someone! Learn how to create one yourself with this simple guide. Also, be sure to try different shaped buttons to see what suits you best! Here are the basic steps to make your own buttons:


The first step in making a magnet is to create a small image on a button. To do this, you can use a button maker. After you’ve designed your image, print it on a piece of fabric or on a sheet of mylar. Once it’s printed, you can adhere it to the magnet shell. Magnets can also be used as pins or magnets for scrapbooking.


If you own a button maker, you can easily create your own key chains. Keychains can be used as jewelry, souvenirs, or as a way to express yourself. Using a button maker makes it easy to make different types of key chains for every occasion. There are several types of key chains, depending on their size. You can even make a customized key chain by combining different buttons into one.

Ink jet inkjet printers

There are many types of ink jet printers. Some are intended for home use, such as photo albums. Some have options for office users. Many will also handle text. They typically offer good quality for pictures, but may have trouble handling text. You should check the specifications before making a purchase. Read this article to learn more about the various types of ink jet printers. You can also browse reviews of different models to decide which one is right for your needs.

Campaign badges

Creating Campaign badges with a button maker is simple, and it’s a great way to get your message across. Most button makers are made with quality materials, and some even have free LIFETIME guarantees. A few basic things to keep in mind when buying a button maker are the type of material to be made of, and how many buttons you’ll be making. Most of these tools come with a circle cutter built-in, and you can easily determine what area of the circle will be visible on your badge. If you’re using another tool, be sure to measure first, as you may end up with a smaller button than you wanted.


Buttons can make unique party favors. They can be shaped into key chains, mirrors, coasters, thumbtacks, zipper pulls, air fresheners, pinbacks, and more! They’re also incredibly inexpensive and easy to make! And if you have a button maker, you’ll be able to make a whole range of different designs! 

What Can You Make With a Button Maker?
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