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How to Make Cheap Stuffed Animal Headphones

How to Make Cheap Stuffed Animal Headphones

Imagine the face of onlookers when they see you walking by with your stylish stuffed-animal headphones, they’ll be amazed and astonished. How often do you see music come out of the cuddly underbelly of a pair of plush animals? This is a quick 10-minute guide to cheap, adorable headphones, look at more info.

For Materials you’ll need:


A pair of cheap headphones (I got mine for $10 out of Wal-Mart).

Two stuffed animals, make SURE they have a back seam, it won’t work if they don’t. Don’t get huge animals, small or decent sized ones will be fine, don’t make them larger than your head, you’re wearing headphones not a stuffed animal hat.

A Seam ripper (A knife can be used as an alternative but you’ll need to be cautious while cutting).

Needle and thread, preferably use thread that matches the color of the stuffed animals you’re using.

Some good music to listen to with your new animal headphones.

Fabric Glue (This isn’t necessary, but it can help the seams from re-opening).

First, using your seam ripper or knife (be very careful if you’re using a knife, make sure only to cut along the seam and not the poor animal’s fur) Un-suture its back seam by pulling with a seam ripper and pulling out the threads that keep it together. You don’t have to cut open the entire seam, just make a hole large enough so that you can fit the earpiece in it. Take your time and make it neat; prickly pieces of fabric sticking out won’t feel great on gentle ears. Repeat for the second animal.

Cheap Headphones

At this point you’ll need determine the thickness of the stuffed animal faux fur and gauge how much material should be between the earpiece and your ear. In my case, my earpiece was hard and aluminum, I don’t exactly want that poking into my ear, so I left the foam disk around the earpiece on and put a little bit of the animal’s stuffing in front of it. Repeat for the second animal. If you feel the headphone won’t stay in place, put some fabric glue around it to hold it tight.

Using the needle and threat, sew up the cut using as close-knit a pattern as possible and adjusting the earpiece so it’ll be positioned right. Let the cord hang out the bottom ad make sure the top band is sticking out the top. Make the stitch as neat as possible. If you think your seam might come apart, spread some fabric glue along it to hold it together. Repeat for both sides.

Now you own your very own hand-made stuffed animal headphones! Now go rock out to your favorite music with your new favorite headphones.

How to Make Cheap Stuffed Animal Headphones
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